Fantasy Football: Last Draft...this time its for the MONEY!

My most celebrated league the East Coast Blitzers (a CBS league) finally came to time agreements and had the draft on Sunday night at 7:30 at the Commissioner's house.  I actually showed up just in time to make my first pick.  I was placed in the 8th drafting position.

This is the 7th season of this league.  The drafts have always been in person and done on paper.  This year the internet was incorporated to speed up things and accommodate a couple managers that just couldn't make it at all.  The managers in this league range from a guy who drafted Barry Sanders in the late rounds in his first Fantasy Football experience to me, the youngest of the bunch at 29 years of age.

I love CBS for Fantasy Football, its very detailed, precise, and has a professional feel to it.  Also the message board which sends out mass emails promotes trash talk and is heavily used in my league.  I am probably considered a premier trash talker.  I'm not the head honcho of Trash talk, that would have to go to last year's Champions, Selfah Club, who also received (by the luck of the draw) the first pick this year.

The first four seasons of this league was dominated by the owner that is closest to me in age and a long time friend, Ian Buchanan.  He is the owner of the Untouchables.  Their team brought home the trophy in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007.

I've only been in the league since 2005.  In 2005 I ended my season 7-6, plus 3 more wins in the consolation playoffs to win the "Con-Crown" as the Con Playoffs champ.  I ended that season on a 6 game winning streak.  So I felt like I would be ready to take all challengers the next year.  Unfortunately 2006 my team was 3-10, followed by an immediate loss in the Con-Playoffs.  2007 was a little better but not much better my final record was 4-9, then 1 win and 1 loss to finish me off in the Con-Playoffs.  Finally 2008 was here, and my trash talk even through my losses had never slowed down, every team knew when it was time to play me and my team was always a wild card.  2008 I lead my division going into the playoffs, knocked off the reigning dynasty (the Untouchables) to waltz into the Championship game and take home the trophy.  I ended my season 9-4, plus 2 wins in the post season (including the Championship game).  2009 my team was also 9-4 but didn't win my division and ended up losing in the first round of the playoffs.

This year with the 8th pick I'm feeling very confident about my team returning to the playoffs and contending for the trophy yet again.

Two days after the draft I dropped WR Danny Amendola and picked up Mark Sanchez after another owner dropped him.  Hopefully I can depend on him for Aaron Rodgers week 10 bye week.  But for now I still have my eyes open for other prospects.

One slight issue that I have with my current team, is that my defense plays my QB twice a year.  So it is necessary for me to have a replacement DST for those two weeks as well as their bye week.

Below is the full list of Draft Results for our league.  The (*) means it was a computer generated auto-pick.

Draft Results
Round 1
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1The Selfah ClubJohnson, Chris RB TEN0/0
2Prime TimePeterson, Adrian RB MIN58 sec0/0
3Bourbon City EruptionRice, Ray RB BAL30 sec0/0
4T-RexTurner, Michael RB ATL1 min 24 sec0/0
5UntouchablesBrees, Drew QB NO37 sec0/0
6PhenomsManning, Peyton QB IND24 sec0/0
7Gridiron GladiatorsJones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC37 sec0/0
8Killa KingzRodgers, Aaron QB GB2 min 5 sec0/0
9NitroWilliams, DeAngelo RB CAR36 sec0/0
10DavidsonsGore, Frank RB SF40 sec0/0
11Purple PainJohnson, Andre WR HOU21 sec0/0
12TazmaniansBrady, Tom QB NE2 min 47 sec0/0
13FistacuffzSchaub, Matt QB HOU20 sec0/0
14Salem KnightsRivers, Philip QB SD1 min 1 sec0/0
Round 2
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1Salem KnightsFoster, Arian RB HOU18 sec0/0
2FistacuffzBenson, Cedric RB CIN14 sec0/0
3TazmaniansGrant, Ryan RB GB29 sec0/0
4Purple PainMathews, Ryan RB SD17 sec0/0
5DavidsonsMoss, Randy WR NE5 sec0/0
6NitroWayne, Reggie WR IND21 sec0/0
7Killa KingzJackson, Steven RB STL46 sec0/0
8Gridiron GladiatorsFlacco, Joe QB BAL33 sec0/0
9PhenomsMendenhall, Rashard RB PIT33 sec0/0
10UntouchablesGreene, Shonn RB NYJ28 sec0/0
11T-RexPalmer, Carson QB CIN4 min 1 sec0/0
12Bourbon City EruptionJennings, Greg WR GB38 sec0/0
13Prime TimeRomo, Tony QB DAL28 sec0/0
14The Selfah ClubWhite, Roddy WR ATL1 min 14 sec0/0
Round 3
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1The Selfah ClubAustin, Miles WR DAL45 sec0/0
2Prime TimeJohnson, Calvin WR DET29 sec0/0
3Bourbon City EruptionRyan, Matt QB ATL1 min 18 sec0/0
4T-RexBoldin, Anquan WR BAL35 sec0/0
5UntouchablesFitzgerald, Larry WR ARI20 sec0/0
6PhenomsThomas, Pierre RB NO1 min 6 sec0/0
7Gridiron GladiatorsCharles, Jamaal RB KC1 min 33 sec0/0
8Killa KingzMarshall, Brandon WR MIA1 min 23 sec0/0
9Nitro*Manning, Eli QB NYG0 sec0/0
10DavidsonsWells, Beanie RB ARI57 sec0/0
11Purple PainKolb, Kevin QB PHI11 sec0/0
12TazmaniansJackson, DeSean WR PHI23 sec0/0
13FistacuffzColston, Marques WR NO10 sec0/0
14Salem KnightsGarcon, Pierre WR IND1 min 17 sec0/0
Round 4
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1Salem KnightsBrown, Ronnie RB MIA47 sec0/0
2FistacuffzOchocinco, Chad WR CIN58 sec0/0
3TazmaniansWelker, Wes WR NE18 sec0/0
4Purple PainMcCoy, LeSean RB PHI54 sec0/0
5DavidsonsHarvin, Percy WR MIN22 sec0/0
6Nitro*Addai, Joseph RB IND0 sec0/0
7Killa KingzGates, Antonio TE SD14 sec0/0
8Gridiron GladiatorsSmith, Steve WR CAR6 sec0/0
9PhenomsSmith, Steve WR NYG25 sec0/0
10UntouchablesBest, Jahvid RB DET1 min 1 sec0/0
11T-RexMoreno, Knowshon RB DEN1 min 56 sec0/0
12Bourbon City EruptionWard, Hines WR PIT1 min 4 sec0/0
13Prime TimeBradshaw, Ahmad RB NYG8 sec0/0
14The Selfah ClubSpiller, C.J. RB BUF24 sec0/0
Round 5
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1The Selfah ClubRoethlisberger, Ben QB PIT7 sec0/0
2Prime TimeClark, Dallas TE IND1 min 12 sec0/0
3Bourbon City EruptionBush, Michael RB OAK1 min 13 sec0/0
4T-RexCrabtree, Michael WR SF1 min 1 sec0/0
5UntouchablesDavis, Vernon TE SF44 sec0/0
6PhenomsBowe, Dwayne WR KC27 sec0/0
7Gridiron GladiatorsWitten, Jason TE DAL18 sec0/0
8Killa KingzWilliams, Cadillac RB TB59 sec0/0
9NitroGonzalez, Tony TE ATL1 min 7 sec0/0
10DavidsonsForsett, Justin RB SEA2 min 5 sec0/0
11Purple PainFloyd, Malcom WR SD9 sec0/0
12TazmaniansJacobs, Brandon RB NYG1 min 51 sec0/0
13FistacuffzFinley, Jermichael TE GB19 sec0/0
14Salem KnightsCooley, Chris TE WAS32 sec0/0
Round 6
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1Salem KnightsOwens, Terrell WR CIN2 min 21 sec0/0
2FistacuffzJones, Felix RB DAL18 sec0/0
3TazmaniansShiancoe, Visanthe TE MIN18 sec0/0
4Purple PainMiller, Zach TE OAK30 sec0/0
5DavidsonsNicks, Hakeem WR NYG9 sec0/0
6NitroSims-Walker, Mike WR JAC22 sec0/0
7Killa KingzHarrison, Jerome RB CLE19 sec0/0
8Gridiron GladiatorsStewart, Jonathan RB CAR1 min 24 sec0/0
9PhenomsCelek, Brent TE PHI7 sec0/0
10UntouchablesForte, Matt RB CHI35 sec0/0
11T-RexBush, Reggie RB NO23 sec0/0
12Bourbon City EruptionDaniels, Owen TE HOU1 min 4 sec0/0
13Prime TimeFavre, Brett QB MIN12 sec0/0
14The Selfah ClubWallace, Mike WR PIT1 min 58 sec0/0
Round 7
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1The Selfah ClubTomlinson, LaDainian RB NYJ1 min 1 sec0/0
2Prime TimePortis, Clinton RB WAS47 sec0/0
3Bourbon City EruptionBarber, Marion RB DAL40 sec0/0
4T-RexThomas, Demaryius WR DEN1 min 14 sec0/0
5UntouchablesDriver, Donald WR GB43 sec0/0
6PhenomsEvans, Lee WR BUF49 sec0/0
7Gridiron GladiatorsMaclin, Jeremy WR PHI10 sec0/0
8Killa KingzAromashodu, Devin WR CHI1 min 29 sec0/0
9NitroJets DST24 sec0/0
10DavidsonsMeachem, Robert WR NO27 sec0/0
11Purple PainWilliams, Ricky RB MIA20 sec0/0
12TazmaniansRavens DST24 sec0/0
13FistacuffzMcNabb, Donovan QB WAS1 min 35 sec0/0
14Salem KnightsSteelers DST1 min 10 sec0/0
Round 8
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1Salem KnightsMcGahee, Willis RB BAL1 min 54 sec0/0
2FistacuffzBryant, Dez WR DAL21 sec0/0
3TazmaniansMason, Derrick WR BAL35 sec0/0
4Purple PainStafford, Matthew QB DET2 min 7 sec0/0
5DavidsonsCutler, Jay QB CHI32 sec0/0
6NitroHightower, Tim RB ARI14 sec0/0
7Killa KingzMoss, Santana WR WAS1 min 40 sec0/0
8Gridiron GladiatorsJones, Jacoby WR HOU1 min 9 sec0/0
9PhenomsPackers DST11 sec0/0
10UntouchablesBerrian, Bernard WR MIN31 sec0/0
11T-RexEagles DST13 sec0/0
12Bourbon City EruptionCowboys DST36 sec0/0
13Prime TimeBreaston, Steve WR ARI35 sec0/0
14The Selfah ClubSmith, Alex QB SF7 sec0/0
Round 9
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1The Selfah ClubHolmes, Santonio WR NYJ6 sec0/0
2Prime TimeJackson, Vincent WR SD1 min 20 sec0/0
3Bourbon City EruptionCotchery, Jerricho WR NYJ18 sec0/0
4T-RexSanchez, Mark QB NYJ1 min 11 sec0/0
5UntouchablesWilliams, Mike WR TB51 sec0/0
6PhenomsJones, Thomas RB KC9 sec0/0
7Gridiron Gladiators49ers DST9 sec0/0
8Killa KingzVikings DST2 min 16 sec0/0
9NitroChambers, Chris WR KC28 sec0/0
10DavidsonsWinslow, Kellen TE TB11 sec0/0
11Purple PainBengals DST16 sec0/0
12TazmaniansSproles, Darren RB SD30 sec0/0
13FistacuffzPatriots DST39 sec0/0
14Salem KnightsLynch, Marshawn RB BUF50 sec0/0
Round 10
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1Salem KnightsGarrard, David QB JAC23 sec0/0
2FistacuffzTaylor, Chester RB CHI31 sec0/0
3TazmaniansCassel, Matt QB KC5 sec0/0
4Purple PainHeap, Todd TE BAL12 sec0/0
5DavidsonsSlaton, Steve RB HOU12 sec0/0
6NitroHartley, Garrett K NO59 sec0/0
7Killa KingzMcFadden, Darren RB OAK1 min 15 sec0/0
8Gridiron GladiatorsWilliams, Mike WR SEA35 sec0/0
9PhenomsMiller, Heath TE PIT1 min 6 sec0/0
10UntouchablesRice, Sidney WR MIN42 sec0/0
11T-RexWashington, Leon RB SEA1 min 28 sec0/0
12Bourbon City EruptionYoung, Vince QB TEN27 sec0/0
13Prime TimeHuggins, Kareem RB TB47 sec0/0
14The Selfah ClubGaffney, Jabar WR DEN2 min 0 sec0/0
Round 11
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1The Selfah ClubBears DST4 sec0/0
2Prime TimeSaints DST47 sec0/0
3Bourbon City EruptionCollie, Austin WR IND1 min 32 sec0/0
4T-RexPettigrew, Brandon TE DET26 sec0/0
5UntouchablesJackson, Fred RB BUF16 sec0/0
6PhenomsBuckhalter, Correll RB DEN46 sec0/0
7Gridiron GladiatorsMaroney, Laurence RB NE21 sec0/0
8Killa KingzAmendola, Danny WR STL1 min 22 sec0/0
9NitroHenne, Chad QB MIA1 min 14 sec0/0
10DavidsonsLongwell, Ryan K MIN11 sec0/0
11Purple PainWalter, Kevin WR HOU21 sec0/0
12TazmaniansEdwards, Braylon WR NYJ5 sec0/0
13FistacuffzKeller, Dustin TE NYJ1 min 29 sec0/0
14Salem KnightsKaeding, Nate K SD36 sec0/0
Round 12
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1Salem KnightsKnox, Johnny WR CHI1 min 52 sec0/0
2FistacuffzCrosby, Mason K GB23 sec0/0
3TazmaniansGostkowski, Stephen K NE34 sec0/0
4Purple PainRedskins DST21 sec0/0
5DavidsonsChargers DST13 sec0/0
6NitroOlsen, Greg TE CHI20 sec0/0
7Killa KingzBironas, Rob K TEN1 min 16 sec0/0
8Gridiron GladiatorsAkers, David K PHI1 min 1 sec0/0
9PhenomsTynes, Lawrence K NYG31 sec0/0
10UntouchablesDolphins DST29 sec0/0
11T-RexFord, Jacoby WR OAK52 sec0/0
12Bourbon City EruptionScaife, Bo TE TEN19 sec0/0
13Prime TimeCarlson, John TE SEA10 sec0/0
14The Selfah ClubBrown, Donald RB IND44 sec0/0
Round 13
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1The Selfah ClubBoss, Kevin TE NYG3 min 9 sec0/0
2Prime TimeCundiff, Billy K BAL57 sec0/0
3Bourbon City EruptionRackers, Neil K HOU31 sec0/0
4T-RexBrown, Josh K STL1 min 9 sec0/0
5UntouchablesAnderson, Derek QB ARI5 sec0/0
6PhenomsOrton, Kyle QB DEN33 sec0/0
7Gridiron GladiatorsCampbell, Jason QB OAK1 min 52 sec0/0
8Killa KingzCribbs, Josh WR CLE1 min 43 sec0/0
9Nitro*Lindell, Rian K BUF0 sec0/0
10Davidsons*Buehler, David K DAL0 sec0/0
11Purple PainPrater, Matt K DEN37 sec0/0
12TazmaniansJohnson, Larry RB WAS22 sec0/0
13FistacuffzMurphy, Louis WR OAK3 min 43 sec0/0
14Salem KnightsHenderson, Devery WR NO32 sec0/0
Round 14
PickTeamPlayerElapsed TimePts
1Salem KnightsHillis, Peyton RB CLE1 min 25 sec(14 min 58 sec)0/0
2FistacuffzSmith, Kevin RB DET2 min 38 sec(13 min 38 sec)0/0
3TazmaniansFasano, Anthony TE MIA5 sec(8 min 46 sec)0/0
4Purple PainCrayton, Patrick WR SD5 min 23 sec(11 min 59 sec)0/0
5Davidsons*Vinatieri, Adam K IND0 sec(6 min 4 sec)0/0
6Nitro*Bryant, Matt K ATL0 sec(6 min 5 sec)0/0
7Killa KingzColts DST41 sec(17 min 28 sec)0/0
8Gridiron GladiatorsBurleson, Nate WR DET4 sec(9 min 52 sec)0/0
9PhenomsRoyal, Eddie WR DEN43 sec(7 min 50 sec)0/0
10UntouchablesFolk, Nick K NYJ6 sec(7 min 28 sec)0/0
11T-RexBradford, Sam QB STL52 sec(16 min 45 sec)0/0
12Bourbon City EruptionFalcons DST42 sec(10 min 52 sec)0/0
13Prime TimeHoushmandzadeh, T.J. WR BAL10 sec(9 min 0 sec)0/0
14The Selfah ClubCarpenter, Dan K MIA1 sec(11 min 40 sec)0/0