D'Angelo Live in Stockholm by okayplayer [Audio]

Okayplayer has released an audio compilation of  D'Angelo performing live at Stockholm.  I must say, that I do hope that this performance leads to a great comeback album.  D'Angelo was the R&B artist with the most Hip-Hop & Soul crossover appeal for the 90's and almost completely disappeared after dropping VooDoo in 2000.  I will have to say that this dude fathered the style of a lot of R&B dudes out there right now.  Not to say that he created his own style completely but for his era he was the only one doing it.  Enjoy the sound feed, the link below will take you to SoundCloud, it plays via the web and on most mobile devices.

1. Fantastic Intro
2. Brown Sugar
3. Devil's Pie
4. Crisco
5. Left & Right
6. Chicken Grease
7. Lady
8. Left & Right (Reprise)
9. Feel Like Making Love
10. Can't Hide Love
11. Things You Do (Fall in Love)
12. One Mo' Gin
13. Me and Those Dreaming Eyes of Mine
14. S.D.M.
15. Untitled (How Does It Feel)


Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card [Survey]

Ok, one of my friends and classmates has created a company and needs some feedback so that he knows which route to take the company. So he has created a quick online survey. He is looking for input from various groups of people about basic things about your experiences when you go out to eat or go to a bar. He would like to know what types of things you would like to have to upgrade your dinning/social experience. The survey is quick and easy, I took it a couple days ago. Hopefully I will win the gift card. lol.

Visit this link for the survey: RevoTech's Short Survey


Lance & LaTosha Coleman's Wedding Recap [Video]

The intro and recap video from the Coleman "Classmates 2 Soulmates" Wedding created a recorded by M32 Productions (www.m32productions.com). Featuring the music of Eric Benet "I Wanna Be Loved" and Jahiem "Forever"

Here's the Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikc6bFGiCnc


When the love for Bacon goes too far...

Man, I love bacon as much as the next man.  I even know people that gave up "pork" but can't leave bacon alone.  I'll take turkey bacon or pork bacon it doesn't matter to me.  Bacon on anything makes it better.  Well except for bacon on people...now that just going too far.

I'm not sure how I got to this blog but somehow I came across this site with a bunch people who chose to keep bacon with them forever. (link to original site)

All images above are from http://inkarttattoos.com/tattoo-blog/bacon-tattoos-are-good-for-me/

Bacon for Life!?!?  Why not just get some temporary bacon, like a bacon band aid?

This last image was just funny so I had to add it... But on that note I'm gone, getting hungry....


Tebow Mania is Going Crazy!!!

The picture above was an email that the car salesman who sold my my El Dorado sent me on Friday, if I didn't actually read this I would not have even known this was about selling cars. Everyone is swept up in Tebow Mania. But after last nights performance I doubt Tebow will be coming out of the game anytime soon. No matter what happens in New England, he earned his starting position for next year. Not to mention he broke Elway's playoff debut performance record and a playoff NFL record for averaging 15 yards a completion. Only 3 QBs in the Superbowl era only 3 Quarterbacks have thrown for over 300 yards, run for a TD, and not throw an interception in a Playoff game they are Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers, and Tim Tebow. He's in great company. Not to mention he currently has the highest QBR in playoff history, passing Aaron Rodgers performance against Atlanta last year.  Oh yeah and a stat to fuel the fire for the media, last night he threw for 316 (3:16) yards...

The Steelers have been hurting since the Cleveland game at the beginning of December.  As a 49ers fan, I've said a few times that if Ben was healthy in that MNF game against us he would've completed a few of his big passes and threw less INTs and would've had a better chance to beat us.  Big Ben hasn't been the same and in the game last night there were a number of injuries. With that said, the Steelers have always been known for toughness and having defense that could make great stops no matter who was playing or hurt and they completely gave this game away with single coverage on the WRs in attempt to stop the rush.  Good game Tebow.  Next week should be tougher, not because of a defense, but because of an offense that has the ability to score on every play.  Next week in New England will fall more on the Bronco's defense than it will on Tebow's shoulders.


T-Sizzle Takes On Football's Hey-Zeus (Plus Wild Card Picks)

First off, calling Tim Tebow Jesus is blasphemous, and all the references to him performing miracles is even worse.  Second, his team has been as bad as it has been good, he didn't turn around the organization. The guy he replaced came back and beat them and if the Raiders had won they wouldn't have made the playoffs.  But at 8-8 they have made the playoffs and will face an injured Steelers team in Denver.  Nothing in my football mind can allow me to pick them to win this weekend.  Actually as a quick run down, I'm picking the Steelers over the Broncos by 12, the Bengals over the Texans in a close game decided by field goals, The Saints over the Lions in a shoot out where the last TD wins, the Falcons over the Giants by 4 points.  The NFC games were there toughest to pick for me, I wouldn't bet money on any of those games they could go either way and not be an upset.  The only upset would be the Broncos beating the Steelers, well the Ravens & Patriots wouldn't be upset about that one.
OK so now to the title of this post. I read some comments that Terrell Suggs aka T-Sizzle of the Ravens had to say about Tim Tebow in the playoffs.  They were very entertaining but also had a lot of weight/truth behind them.  I don't blame Tebow for any of this the media has made his simple actions way bigger than they would have been with anyone else and I think T-Sizzle is just responding to this character that the media has built up and I'm sure if he knew Tebow as a person her wouldn't be attacking his actions.  Read below for his comments copied from ESPN's AFC North Blog written by Jamison Hensley.
Asked by Skip Bayless for his take on Tebow, Suggs said, “He’s all right. He’s all right. Come on now, let’s be honest, Skip. I can put up the numbers he was [putting up]. It’s all about numbers, baby. Give me a shot. Let’s see what we can do, create my own offense and hopefully my kicker can nail a 62-yarder to bail me out a few times, Jesus shows up."

Suggs added, "That boy be praying on the sidelines, boy. I don’t feel comfortable [if] I’ve got to pray every fourth quarter like, ‘Oh my God, please come save me again.’ Let’s just go out there and win the game.”

Suggs then took a shot at Tebow's religious persona. "With all due respect, we don't pray on the sideline," he said. "We do -- we give it up to God to keep us safe and healthy. When our quarterback prays, he's like, 'God, sit on the couch and enjoy this. Thank you for blessing me and letting me wake up and play this game. I'm going to impress you.'"

Bayless pointed out that Tebow went 7-4 as a starter and led the Broncos to the AFC West title.
"He didn’t win the AFC West," Suggs said. "Oakland lost it."
So, would Suggs rather have Joe Flacco or Tebow as his quarterback?
“Are you kidding me? Why don’t you like my quarterback, Skip? Is it his mustache? Is it his eyebrows? Is it because Tim Tebow is prettier?” Suggs said. “I understand you’ve got your man crush but you can’t force that on the rest of us. We here in Baltimore, we’ve got a quarterback that fits our personality. … I love the kid. He plays football. He’s my quarterback. I stand by him. And I love him on the sidelines with the ice in his veins. I just feel awesome about him.”
Back to my opinion, nothing is wrong with praying, or praying publicly, its actually a great testament of faith.  But pray to be safe, pray for strength, pray for health, pray for an injured player, I don't think praying to win a game is something a professional should do. Its a game, its not life.  If your life was on the line if you didn't win, then yes, please pray.  But a game is just a game at the end of the day, if everyone stays healthy then they go on to play another game and continue to get paid.  If Tebow is praying for wisdom in tough situations, then I greatly applaud that.  At the end of the day its between him and God, and I can only blame the media for making a simple gesture of faith by an overrated player into such a big deal.  Personally I think this is a great chess move by Terrell Suggs, but Tebow doesn't listen to any chatter that hits the media or if he does he doesn't let it effect him.  But it would be smart to hype up the opponent of the team that you don't really want to face for a third time this year in an elimination game on the anniversary of them eliminating your team from the playoffs a year ago.



If Only I Still Had SNES & Genesis Games...

I saw the following article on Engadget this morning and though that it was a great gadget for any of us 80's babies.  I would have to say that the two systems that dominated the game industry for the longest time when I was a kid was Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Now they have a small device called the Retrode 2 that will allow you to play these games on your computer.  If you still have your games and maybe a controller you can plug them in to the device hook it up to the computer and enjoy some nostalgic fun via your computer monitor (which probably has a better picture than any TV you used back in the day).  Well  either way check out the other articles and product pages for yourself.  If you get one and you still have games, let me know...I'm tryin to play!

Check out Tech Crunch for more coverage on this simple but beautiful device.

You can purchase the Retrode 2 from Stone Age Gamer for $89:


Week 17 Picks & Final Playoff Placement

Ok here's my final picks for the regular season.

Lions over Packers - I think the Packers will end up resting some of their key players to avoid injuries, and the Lions want to go into the playoffs still hot.

49ers over Rams - Unless the Niners decide to rest players because they don't value the bye week, then I believe that they should win this game w/o any issues.

Dolphins over Jets - The Dolphins have been hot lately, I'm rolling with them. Not sure about Sanchez when the pressure is on, especially if the run game and defense aren't backing him up.

Vikings over Bears - Bears seems depleted, Vikings seems to have some steam behind them.

Patriots over Bills - Can't see them losing to the Bills twice in one season even if their starters don't play the whole game.

Panthers over Saints - this is a selfish pick, I just want to make sure the Niners get the #2 seed. Plus I like Super Cam as much as I like Brees.  I want him to finish his year off strong and this is an important divisional win to have under his belt.

Eagles over Redskins - I'm just really picking the home team, its nasty up in Philly, plus the Eagles have slowly been coming into their own lately.  So finishing the season with a couple wins to end at .500 would make sure Andy keeps his job. I say they are playing for him.

Jaguars over the Colts - The Jags are still playing to find their identity, the Colts should be playing for Andrew Luck, even if they end up trading the pick or something, that #1 pick holds a lot of weight.

Titans over Texans - The Texans playoff position is set, I'm sure they should be resting their stars for the playoffs.

Bengals over Ravens - The Ravens have been up in down, usually losing the game they should win, but winning the big games.  Not sure what category this one falls in for them, but its a big game for the Bengals and I think they will show up today.

Browns over Steelers - I'm picking this game because I picked against the Ravens above, but I still want them to win the division.  Plus I think the Steelers should be resting Ben and some other players instead of worrying about the bye.

Falcons over Buccs - The Buccs suck and the Falcons playoff positions isn't solidified so a win helps them somewhat.

Broncos over Chiefs - Tebow time, I guess... Orton is a better QB but the Broncs defense has been tough, I would actually like to see the Chiefs win, but I'm going to say based on the press behind this and the magnitude of this game that Buffalo Wild Wings will have the final decision in this game to help the Broncos get the win.

Raiders over the Chargers - the Raiders are still actually playing for a playoff spot so I think they will bring their best today at home to get that final playoff push.

Cardinals over Seahawks - who knows... I just picked the home team.  The Niners may have cooled the Seahawks down a lil last week so maybe they won't bring it like they have the past few weeks.

Giants over Cowboys - I'm picking the home team, the team that plays better later in the season, the team with the better clutch QB.  I think this game will be a shoot out, least turnovers and last to score wins, I'm going with the G-Men.  Although with my team in the playoffs I think I'd rather see the Cowboys win this one but I'm stick with the Giants as my pick.