Sexual Activity by Smart Phone Brand

This has to be THEE most random survey and comparison of two things that I probably would have never mentioned in the same sentence.  They used it to come up with an actual statistic.  Some people have too much time on their hands...

BUT! Since I'm looking at the "statistics" lets analyze them and try to come up with an explanation.

  • Women in general appear to be more active than men.
  • iPhone is a "fun" phone.  More fun less business.  Therefore lets assume iPhone owners are the "funnest" of the smart phone owners.  They party more, work less, and tend to be more openly wild.  This appears to be an excessive truth for female iPhone owners. LOL.
  • Blackberry is more of a business or corporate phone.  So lets say their owners are more about business and don't really have as much time for fun as the iPhone owners.  But then again since Blackberry has been multitasking for the longest, we can also assume so has their owners.  Especially due to the fact that the people in corporate power positions are known for having extra marital affairs.  But lets face it, its usually with someone at their job because they spend more time at work than home. So they are a active but not as active as the "fun boys" and "fun girls" that own iPhones.
  • Finally the Android the newest of the smartphones.  The Android has been said to be a mix of Fun and Business.  The Google Android OS is a dream operating system for internet geeks and programmers.  Open Source, create your own apps, the ability to overclock your phone's processor, root you phone and customize the operating system, etc...  With all that said I guess its easy to believe that most of the Android owners are computer geeks and techie people, must I say more?  LOL
Warning: Fellas if you meet a girl that has an iPhone when you meet her, watch her carefully she might be a wild one!  (j/k)

Confusion: I've never owned an iPhone, I've gone from Palm for 1 year to Blackberry for 2 years, my next phone will be an Android, but I do look forward to going back to Blackberry if they make the proper updates and upgrades to their hardware and operating system in the near future.