My NFL Week 8 Picks

This week I'm going to do it a little different, it seems like the majority of the games are highly favored to one team this week so I'm only going to touch on a couple of the games.  My Spotlight game is one that looks like  a AFC Playoff game in the makings, The New England Patriots travel to Pittsburgh to battle the Steelers.  Earlier this week ESPN (AFC East Blog) spotlighted this game as well but spoken like a fan they named the article "Why Tom Brady Owns the Steelers" where they laid down valid points and stats about past games and why the Steeler have a 1-7 losing record against Tom Brady. Also they mentioned points about no matter how great the Steelers defense is playing that Brady single handedly pulls them apart. 

I'm a believer in Brady, I believe he is the best QB in the league right now (with Aaron Rodgers pulling at his coat tail).  I also believe that at their primes he's better than Peyton Manning, but I'm not going to argue that point because it would go on for days with no resolution.  But with all that said I'm completely going against Vegas and ESPN and picking the getting hot Steelers to win this one at home.  Why? Man I just got a feeling.  The Patriots are good this year, but they are flawed, they have shown vulnerability.  The Steelers are my 2nd least favorite team in the NFL, but I think they will make the needed adjustments so that Brady doesn't make them look like the Miami Dolphins.

I'm also Picking The Eagles at home to win over the Cowboys.  I have a feeling that this will be a mistake heavy game and the game will be won on the ground and not through the air like most people probably believe.  The Eagles have a stronger ground game and their defense might actually be coming together after all of these weeks.

San Diego Chargers over Kansas City Chiefs at home.  I believe the Chargers have the better offense but for some reason it doesn't seem like they have been able to put it all together this year, but I think they will step it up to hold their grown in the division.

I'll also take Cincy over Seattle in Seattle.  Now most people probably don't care about this game.  Cincy on the low has proven to have a solid defense this season, not sure if that will take them anywhere with a Rookie QB, Rookie WR, and RB running from the law in a division with the Ravens and the Steelers, but it will win them some games.  Seattle is considered one of the toughest places to play, the noise level in Detriot caused multiple offsides and bad snaps for the past few weeks, Seattle is that time 10 for every game.  I'm sure it has to be the accoustics in the stadium, I can't believe a Seattle team would have more rowdy fans than any team that has actually been winning the past few decades.

Thats All Folks, if any of the other upsets win, just know that I didn't pick the underdog this week (minus the Steelers).

Have a Happy and safe Halloween


Week 7 NFL Picks: USC Bowl & Superbowl Rematches

The USC BOWL - If newly aquired Raider Carson Palmer starts on Sunday he will be facing his former backup Mat Cassel, who is pictures on the right as the back up of Matt Leinart.  Carson was at one point mentioned as a top 3 QB in the league, has never seem to fully recovered from his season ending injury a few years back.  Leinart has been to the Superbowl but only as a backup, he has failed to establish himself as a starter.  Cassel on the other hand got the opportunity to shine when Tom Brady missed an entire season and was able to lead the Patriots to a 10 win season, I believe that they missed the playoffs that year.  But that year earned him faith from other teams and the Chiefs made the move to make him their starter and paid him a pretty penny. As a starter for the Chiefs Cassel won his division and took the team to the playoffs.

Can the Raiders be a bounce back team for Carson, I believe so.  They are an established running team and they really just need someone to manage plays. Carson can do that and he can get ball down the field to his young and fast WRs.  I'm picking the Carson Palmer Raiders to beat the Matt Cassel Chiefs on Sunday.  But if Carson doesn't start, I'm not as confident in this pick.

Now for the Superbowl Rematches this weekend. We have The Saints vs. The Colts and The Steelers vs. The Cardinals in Superbowl Rematches, the only issue is the teams that lost these particular Superbowls are also losing a lot of games this year and aren't anywhere near a Superbowl or Playoff quality team.

Pittsburgh over Cardinals - Only this time the Steelers defense won't have to contribute as much to win this game.

New Orleans over Indy - No Special Teams trickery needed just an easy stroll in the park should be enough for the Saints to win this one.

Seattle over Cleveland - I really don't want the Seahawks to win, but I think they are a better team than they appear and I really don't think Cleveland has what it takes to win.

Detroit over Atlanta - The Lions are one of the NFL's toughest teams, great defense and dynamic offense, The Falcons have just been OK this year.

Tennessee over Houston - I'm going with the home team in this divisional battle.  The fact that the Texans are missing a few key players makes this decision easier to make.

Miami over Denver - Miami has to get a win at some point, Matt Moore didn't look terrible against a good defense, so I think he will look better against a subpar defense. He was able to get the ball there but the coverage of the Jets was very good against the pass.  Even though its Tebow Day in Miami, I feel that the Dolphins can win this one.

San Diego over NYJ - This was a tough pick but I think a rested Philip Rivers will do better at leading his team to victory than Sanchez. For the Jets to win this game they would need to do it on the ground and on defense, not just one, but both of those and I don't see it happening.

Tampa Bay over Chicago - Eh.... Who knows, I just picked the underdog in this one, if they stick to their formula and run the ball as well as the Lions did against the Bears, the Buccs can control the clock and win this game.

Carolina over Washington - I really want the Skins to win this game, but I'm looking at the close games against tough team that the Panthers have loss.  They have the ability to put up points, I haven't seen that yet from the Skins.  Hopefully they prove me wrong.  The Skins best bet as winning is to just run the damn ball, the Panthers suck against the run. If they get away from that and attempt to make a name for John Beck, then it will be a long ride back to DC.  Skins Please Prove Me Wrong.

Dallas over St. Louis - The Rams are an average team with a lot of injures which makes them a bad team.  They also appear to have the toughest schedule in the west, this game isn't any easier.  The Cowboys can have multiple turnovers and mistakes, but still win this game.

Green Bay over Minnesota - Neither Ponder or McNabb stand a chance against this unreal Packers team. The Packers score at will, the Vikings aren't able to do that.

Baltimore over Jacksonville - The Jaguars are another team that just don't seem to have it together enough to win tough match ups. The Ravens are one of the top 3 or 5 teams in the league this year, wins like this should be easy.


Asher Roth has felt my pain and now understands my Joys...

Asher Rother wrote an article for ESPN about how similar his career and Alex Smith's career has been.  I'm still not convienced that Alex Smith is the end all be all, but he seems to be managing the offense better this year. So if he can continue to do that and a rookie can learn the system on the bench behind him I think the future will be bright.  Asher also goes down a brief timeline of being a 49ers fan.  I believe he is a bit younger than me based off of the timeline that he gives, but much like me he was raised in a NFC East town and choose to send his fanship to the West Coast Bay Area.  The link to the full article is below and a few quotes that stood out to me.

"Raised close by the sports-crazed city of Philadelphia I had no choice but to become a devoted fan. As attractive as it was to root for Rodney Peete, Bobby Hoying and the Detmer Bros. it wasn't enough to uproot my allegiance to my father and his love for Bill Walsh. Both with ties to Stanford and an admiration for the West Coast Offense, I inherited a 49ers ballclub and a Jerry Rice jersey before I even knew how to play the game."

"I vividly remember watching Terrell Owens and "The Catch II" to finally beat Brett Favre in '99. The miraculous comeback to beat the New York Giants in the 2002 wild-card game was witnessed in the Oxford Valley Mall food court and then … that was it. After watching Jeff Garcia complete 68 percent of his 6-yard passes, I was forced to root for the likes of Tim Rattay, Ken Dorsey, Cody Pickett (I liked rooting for Cody), Trent Dilfer, Shaun Hill, Chris Weinke, J.T. O'Sullivan and Troy Smith. Ugh."

"And of course, Alex Smith. Ask any of my college buddies. I have a soft spot for Mr. Smith. Drafted No. 1 overall in '05 out of Utah, he came into the league around the same time I was pursuing a rap career. I was a sophomore in college and was being "scouted" by "talent agents" while Smith was taking the starting job from Rattay. Smith had a productive year under Norv Turner, and I signed a record deal with a hit single. Here we go. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, B, A, B, A, select, start. Seven offensive coordinators in seven years and never a head coach that really spoke the language. It was a direct correlation to what was happening in my professional career. Sure we had the talent, sure we had the wits, but for some odd reason it was not translating. The losing seasons weren't all our fault but it sure felt like it. Lines were crossed. Something was off."


Week 6 NFL Picks

Its two games that I'm going to spotlight for two different reasons.  The Eagles vs The Redskins and The 49ers vs The Lions.

The Eagles are 1-4 and look pretty down and out, this game is important for them to get back on track and for Andy Reid to keep his job, not to mention its a divisional matchup.  Vick had great success on this field last year on MNF, I'm sure most of you remember that.  For that reason this game is important to the Skins, their defense has looked strong this year and this rematch will feel more like revenge for exposing them to be weak last year.  For the defense this will be a proving moment.  For the whole team this is what is needed to hold down the top of the division.  I'm picking Washington over Philly at home.

Next up, 49ers in Detroit against the Lions. This game is important for both teams, the Lions need to win to keep that battle in the NFC North alive especially since the Packers should win their game today.  But a loss doesn't hurt them too much.  The 49ers need this win for recognition.  They are still under the radar, the teams that they have beaten aren't highly rated teams, also this is the first of a few tough games they will have (Washington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, NYG). For confidence reasons to keep rolling this is a needed win.  I am picking the San Francisco 49ers over Detroit, why because that's my team and they have proved a lot to me so far this year, I believe they can keep that rolling into the bye week.

Atlanta over Carolina - I'm giving ATL this only because they are at home, I think they will get beat when they go to Carolina.

Cincy over Indy - Cincy's is at home and their defense is looking good on the low.  I think they keep this a low scoring game.

Green Bay over St. Louis - Why would I pick any differently?

Buffalo over NYG - I think the Bills will prove that they are New Yorks team this year. Better defense and a more consistent offense wins the game.

Pittsburgh over Jacksonville - The Steelers better win this game, this should be a gimmie.

Oakland over Cleveland - The Browns haven't proven to be good enough to really compete this year and the Raiders have a lot of talent, they should win this game at home.

Baltimore over Houston - The Texans are a little banged up and the Ravens have fresh legs after the bye, I think they can pull this one out at home.

New England over Dallas - If this were in Dallas I think I would pick them for the upset after their bye, but I don't see them beating Brady and the Pats at home.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay - The Buccs need this to bounce back but the Saints look like they are gaining a lot of momentum, I think they will keep that running today in Sunny Florida.

Chicago over Minnesota - I don't think this will be an easy win, despite the Viks record they have played good games just not finished them.  But I think the Bears will make this much needed divisional win happen at home.

NJY over Miami - Neither team really has an identity this year but I think the Jets are still the better of the two and they are at home.


My NFL Week 5 Picks - For the Birds...

I feel like I've used this picture before, but now its completely different. Mentor and Mentee from the Philly Byrd Gang will get a chance to square off and the only thing on the line is their future.  McNabb may think its Kolbs fault he got the boot from Philly, but wouldn't it be justice served if the guy that McNabb co-signed to come to Philly (Vick) is the reason that Kolb got the boot as well.  The bad thing is that none of the Byrd Gang QB's from 2 years ago are off to a good start.  Although Vick is putting up great fantasy numbers, real fans are getting their hearts broken at 1-3.  The Arizona Cardinals are sitting at 1-3 as well, they haven't played bad but they haven't finished games.  Then the Minnesota Vikings, who have become the choke artist team for the first quarter of the season, losing most of their games after having a nice lead at the half, are 0-4.  When teams are 0-4 usually you see coaches get fired or QBs get replaced.  With Christian Ponder already stating that he's excited to learn from a Pro Bowler but he wants that #1 spot, not later but right now, I think McNabb might have the most at stake right now.

Therefore in the battle of the former Eagles I'm picking Minnesota over Arizona

Here's my quick run down for the rest of the games:

Philly over Bills - I think the emotions and anger from last weeks game that was theirs for the taking that they ended up losing will fuel the Eagles to come together as a team and win this pivotal game on the road.

Carolina over  New Orleans - This is one of my underdog picks, I'd just like to see Cam win this divisional match up, plus its a home game, so I'll use that as my reason for giving them the advantage on this one.  On paper its seems like Carolina has the better pass defense thus far.  Not that they can stop Brees, but maybe they can make them rely on the run more than usual.  The bad thing is that I have both QBs on one of my Fantasy Teams, I haven't started Cam yet, but I'm considering it.

Houston over Oakland -  this might be the first time I picked against the Raiders, but the Texans have their running game back and even with out Andre Johnson I think they will have enough of a passing game to make the difference.  Plus their pass rush is pretty good, Campbell will be under pressure.

Indy over  KC - Honestly even though Indy lost on Monday, they looked like a better team than the Kerry Collins lead team.  I'm going with them for the win at home.

Cincy over Jacksonville - Just don't believe that the Jags can win games and Cincy has a nice defense.

NYG over Seattle - The Seahawks appeared to develop a passing game with Sidney Rice healthy, but the Giants have a much better passing game, as long as they don't leave this win up to chance and actually play like the team that they are, this should be an easy win.

Pittsburgh over Tennessee - this won't be an easy win, I'm giving Pitt the home field advantage on this one.  The Titans seem like a great improvement over last year, while the Steelers seem to still be on their Superbowl hangover.  Hopefully for them this home game can help them shake it off.

San Francisco 49ers over Tampa Bay - My reasons are this. I'm a 49ers fan. The Buccs had a short week. Last year Tampa came to town and held the 49ers scoreless at home for the first time since the 70s, which also lead to the firing of Singleterry.  Not that Harbaugh is anywhere near a hot seat of any sort, but this will be big redemption game for him at home for 1 the overtime loss against the Cowboys at home and for 2 to show that he's here to clean up the mess of the past 7 years.  Last reason is that Tampa is better when their run game is thriving, the 49ers have one of the toughest Run Defenses in the league, if McCoy had a bad game imagine how Blount will do.

San Diego over Denver - The Chargers are just a better all around team, I would be shocked if the Broncos win, even though they are at home.

New England over NYJ - I can't see Brady and the gang getting beat at home by the No Offense Jets.  Not to mention the Jets defense doesn't look as well put together as it did last year.

Green Bay over Atlanta - Sure the Falcons have home field advantage, but this isn't last years Falcons or the Matty Ice that we've seen in the past, furthermore Aaron Rodgers has become unreal this year, this is a career year.  On top of that they know that in order to win their division this year that have to be flawless.  The Packers have 5 more games that could be tough, including this one (ATL, SD, DET, NYG, DET) but at the rate they are going this looks like undefeated team that might do what the Patriots could do against the Giants in the Superbowl a few years ago. Yeah I Said It, someone alert the '72 Dolphins. LOL.

Detroit over Chicago - This hasn't really been an exciting match up in awhile but I think the Lions won't need to make any comebacks to win this game.  I think it will be close but I'll give Detroit the advantage for being at home and for having a better Passing Game.

Update: ESPN decided to highlight the Eagles QBs in an article as well, I guess great minds think a like. All three are having a tough year.  But the season is far from over for either of them, well at least not yet.


Steve Jobs: Remembered by a Non-Apple Brainwashed Techie...

First off let me start with this, I HATE CANCER. It’s a horrible disease and I wish there was a cure. Death is natural, but there is nothing natural about something manifesting itself in your body then taking over until it ultimately kills you. My Mom was born 4 years before Jobs and cancer took her away from here in 2004, one of my bestfriends would be 31 this year if it wasn't for cancer taking him in his mid 20's, not to mention the kids who suffer with Cancer every year, that’s the saddest thing ever, and as a parent it terrifies me. But I digress...

Steve Jobs was definitely a genius, a visionary, and a huge reason for a lot of the great things we have today. I'm not saying that he created all the great technology that we have come to love, but he pushed the envelope and forced creativity from others to make better products as well.

As a kid I owned a Mac Desktop, used it for basic gaming, learning activities, creating signs and banners, and I believe I typed school work on there too. That would be the last Apple Desktop that I owned, but far from the last that I would use. As Computer Graphics major Mac Desktops were my best friend in High School and College, the machines just handled the animation, 3D modeling, and Adobe/Macromedia application better than a Windows PC (Imagine that Adobe & Apple being a match made in Computer Graphic heaven). As an adult I've owned a few iPods including one that still had 4 buttons above the wheel. The iPod has been great for me, I own tons of music and I love being able to take it with me in the car on vacations and whatever else. Not to mention the interface on the iPod and on the Desktop (iTunes) is still the best interface for browsing through a large directory of music. Recently I have also become an iPad owner, as an Android user this might sound weird, but it gives me the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds, not to mention there are more apps currently available and made for the iPad than there are on other tablet devices. I'm sure at some point I will own an Android tablet, I'm just letting them catch up and improve some things like I know they will.

All of that is said to say that his technologies have had an impact on me, but even if I never owned any Apple products it would still have an impact on me.

Without Apple OS X, Windows Desktop Computers would still be running an OS that looked like Windows 98. Sure it would do its job, but it wouldn't look as good or have as many added user friendly functionality.

Without the iPod what would MP3 players look like? Would they look like a Sony MiniCD player or like the original Archos MP3 player?

Take away the iPhone, and what type of "Smartphones" are we using? A Blackberry with the sidescroll, a Treo, HTC Windows Phone?  Sure all of those things worked ok, but none of them compare to the plethra of options we have for smart phones.

Not to mention Tablets, they would still be the laptops that had the screen that you could flip around and write on, not the advanced devices that we have on the market today.
So with all that said, Thank You Steve Jobs, your life made a huge difference in the lives of many.