Week 6 NFL Picks

Its two games that I'm going to spotlight for two different reasons.  The Eagles vs The Redskins and The 49ers vs The Lions.

The Eagles are 1-4 and look pretty down and out, this game is important for them to get back on track and for Andy Reid to keep his job, not to mention its a divisional matchup.  Vick had great success on this field last year on MNF, I'm sure most of you remember that.  For that reason this game is important to the Skins, their defense has looked strong this year and this rematch will feel more like revenge for exposing them to be weak last year.  For the defense this will be a proving moment.  For the whole team this is what is needed to hold down the top of the division.  I'm picking Washington over Philly at home.

Next up, 49ers in Detroit against the Lions. This game is important for both teams, the Lions need to win to keep that battle in the NFC North alive especially since the Packers should win their game today.  But a loss doesn't hurt them too much.  The 49ers need this win for recognition.  They are still under the radar, the teams that they have beaten aren't highly rated teams, also this is the first of a few tough games they will have (Washington, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, NYG). For confidence reasons to keep rolling this is a needed win.  I am picking the San Francisco 49ers over Detroit, why because that's my team and they have proved a lot to me so far this year, I believe they can keep that rolling into the bye week.

Atlanta over Carolina - I'm giving ATL this only because they are at home, I think they will get beat when they go to Carolina.

Cincy over Indy - Cincy's is at home and their defense is looking good on the low.  I think they keep this a low scoring game.

Green Bay over St. Louis - Why would I pick any differently?

Buffalo over NYG - I think the Bills will prove that they are New Yorks team this year. Better defense and a more consistent offense wins the game.

Pittsburgh over Jacksonville - The Steelers better win this game, this should be a gimmie.

Oakland over Cleveland - The Browns haven't proven to be good enough to really compete this year and the Raiders have a lot of talent, they should win this game at home.

Baltimore over Houston - The Texans are a little banged up and the Ravens have fresh legs after the bye, I think they can pull this one out at home.

New England over Dallas - If this were in Dallas I think I would pick them for the upset after their bye, but I don't see them beating Brady and the Pats at home.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay - The Buccs need this to bounce back but the Saints look like they are gaining a lot of momentum, I think they will keep that running today in Sunny Florida.

Chicago over Minnesota - I don't think this will be an easy win, despite the Viks record they have played good games just not finished them.  But I think the Bears will make this much needed divisional win happen at home.

NJY over Miami - Neither team really has an identity this year but I think the Jets are still the better of the two and they are at home.