My Comparison of the Super Bowl 48 Teams and Prediction

Last year posted "My (attempt at an unbiased) Comparison of the Super Bowl Teams" it was easy to write because one team is my favorite team and the other is a local team so I know both teams well.  The toughest part was not giving my favorite team all the credit.  I think I did a decent job though.  I didn't do a prediction of the score or the winner because I didn't want to jinx my team.  I'll add a prediction for the score, MVP possibilities, and situational predictions to this one.

Honestly its great that I waited until the last minute to do this, it has helped my research with the two teams and helped for this to be unbiased by allowing the sting of the NFCC loss wear off.

This is an awesome matchup!  Honestly its the best possible Super Bowl matchup and provides the best story lines of the possible matchups two weeks ago this time.  The Best Offense (ever) facing off against the Best Defense.  This has happened 4 times before this in Super Bowl history.  The last time it happened it was the Giants vs the Bills and the Giants defense won the battle.  Actually out of the 4 times the only time that the league leading offense beat the defensive juggernaut was in Super Bowl 24 when the 49ers beat the Broncos 55 - 10.  Looking at that history the Seahawks have the advantage here, its always been stated, "Defense Wins Championships".  I think what makes this different is what a friend of mine, +Jeremy Dickson brought up yesterday.  The Broncos aren't only the Best Offensive of the year, they are "the Best Offense Ever".  According to NFL.com the Seahawks are "nowhere close to being one of the top defenses in history", but I wouldn't let that take anything away from their effectiveness in my book.  So with that said a slight advantage goes to the Broncos, I think Vegas got it right by only giving the Broncos a 2 point advantage.  Ok so lets get to the ratings, much like last year I will use 1-5 ratings with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

Quarterback: Broncos 5, Seahawks 4.  Peyton Manning is clearly the greatest QB currently playing stats wise he gets a lot of help from his WRs as well.  He's has been known to have struggles in the post season, but the Super Bowl he did win as a Colt was also against a really good defense.  Russell Wilson has a lot of upside and doesn't really get forced to use his ability much due to a great RB in front of him and a great Defense helping him out as all.  Wilson appears to currently be the best QB of his draft class stats and wins wise.  A debatable veteran best verses a possible best of the young QBs.

Running Backs: Broncos 4, Seahawks 5.  I like Knowshon and Montee Ball has potential as long he can hold on to the ball.  Moreno will struggle as an offensive focus, but if Peyton gets rolling and can use some play action or check down passes the Denver Backs can get moving.  Then its Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode!  Probably one of the hardest running players I've seen in a long time.  Even against a good defense he never stops running hard and at some point the defenses get tired but he never seems to.  He will definitely be a difference maker in this game is the Seahawks win.

Wide Receivers: Broncos 5, Seahawks 4. The Broncos are STACKED! Even if Demaryius and Welker are shut down, Eric Decker has been great play makers.  Then there is Caldwell who has been able to make plays when called upon.  For the Seahawks Percy Harvin is the best threat but he has struggled with staying healthy.  If he can play the whole game he will be a difference maker.  Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin don't have big names but they have come up big in several games this year.

Tight Ends: Broncos 4.5, Seahawks 3.  Julian Thomas has been a spectacular this season, with Tamme and Dressen as his backups who are also capable play makers the Broncos are STACKED at TE as well.  Zack Miller isn't a slouch, when his number is called he makes catches.  He just hasn't been called upon as much as a WR as the others listed above.

Offensive Line: Broncos 4, Seahawks 4.  The Broncos OLine have been able to protect Peyton for the most part and thanks to Peyton's dominance they have also been able to open some lanes for the run.  The Seahawks OLine haven't protected Wilson well but his allusiveness has proven helpful for him.  They have however assisted well in supporting their rushing attack.

Defensive Line: Broncos 4, Seahawks 4.5.  I'm giving the edge to Seattle here, they have been able to get to the QBs and stop the Rush much more effectively than the Broncos.  The Broncos have gotten better at the right time, earlier this year I probably would've given them a 3 or 3.5

Linebackers: Broncos 3.5, Seahawks 4.  I'll admit, I'm not really aware of the Linebacker core for these teams, so just based on a stat comparison the Seahawks LBs have been more effective all year more tackles and INTs.

Corner Backs: Broncos 3.5, Seahawks 4.5. Cromartie, Jammer, and Champ Bailey are actually a good group of Corners but they have given up some yards and big plays this year.  The obviously haven't been as Richard Sherman and Maxwell at shutting down WRs or making big plays.  Maxwell has stepped up well in the absence of Browner.  With Browner, I'd probably give the Seahawks CBs a 5.

Safeties: Broncos 4, Seahawks 5.  The Broncos safeties have been able to break up plays, get INTs, and break up plays for the most part this season, but again they don't really compare to the other half of the Legion of Boom.  Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas have been been playing lights out defense.  Coverage, INTs, and Route Disruption have all been excellent this season.

Kickers: Broncos 4.5, Seahawks 4. Prater has been very effective from short and long distances all season, I'm giving him the edge because he has always been a great distance kicker and adding the record long 63 yarder to his stats helps with confidence if they need to call upon him on 4th down.  Hauschka is also very effective, his longest just happens to be 10 yards shorter than Prater.  If the distance is in the 50 yard range, Seattle may be more likely to go for it or punt depending on the score.

Special Teams: Broncos 4.5, Seahawks 4.  It's tough to compare these two, only because Seattle hasn't given up nearly as much points and haven't had to do as many returns as the Broncos.  Trindon Holiday has proven himself to be a dangerous returner throughout the season for the Broncos. If he breaks one for a return that would definitely give the Broncos a huge advantage in this game.  Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse have been effective at getting the Seahawks good field position throughout the season and all 3 have explosive speed if they can get in the open field.

My prediction for the final score is 28-24 Broncos inch pass the Seahawks for Peyton Manning's 2nd Super Bowl victory.  Broncos seems to be the story book team of destiny, but then again so did the Patriots the year they had Randy Moss and created the records that Peyton broke this year.  I do think Peyton has the advantage over the great defense of the Seahawks just based on his depth of receivers, his ability to change to play at the line based on the looks of the defense, and his decision making ability.

The players on both sides that I'm rooting for and would love to see get a ring are Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Knowshon Moreno, Champ Bailey, Cliff Avril and Earl Thomas III.

Possible MVP Candidates:  If the Seahawks win Marshawn Lynch or Earl Thomas (Richard Sherman is an option too but I don't think Peyton will throw at him much).  If the Broncos win Peyton Manning, I don't think they will give the MVP to anyone else even if the rush and defense are effective.


Why the Kansas City Chiefs SHOULD Lose to the Washington Redskins this Weekend

At the end of last season I took a look at the saying that the Redskins beat (or play) the Super Bowl Champs in the recent Super Bowl match-ups.  See the link below for the break down.

With that said, the +Washington Redskins  have beaten the Raiders, Bears, Chargers.  For right now I can say that it is somewhat safe to say that none of those 3 teams will be playing in the Super Bowl this year. If the Super Bowl Champion came down to a team that they beat this year I would have to say that the Skins will win on Sunday against the +Kansas City Chiefs  and/or they will beat the +Dallas Cowboys and that team will go on to win.
As for teams that the Skins have played that are still definitely in the Post Season conversation you have to include the +Philadelphia Eagles, +Detroit Lions, +Denver Broncos, and +San Francisco 49ers.  I would have to say that the odds of this season's Super Bowl Champ being on the Redskins schedule are very high.
I've gone on record as saying that as long as they aren't playing my Niners and it doesn't effect the Niners, then I do root for the home teams to win, yes the Redskins and Ravens (in that order).  However, I have been secretly rooting for former 49ers QB Alex Smith to do good.  He's been average but his team has looked similar to the 2011 49ers team.  I will admit they have had an easy schedule so that plays a huge part in their success.  But an offense with minimal mistakes and a league leading defense that also scores helps as well.  At first I just wanted Alex to lead the Chiefs to 8 wins so that the 49ers would upgrade to a 2nd round pick for the trade.  Then after that I did want them to beat the Broncos at least once.  I predicted them to get a get a Playoff berth via the Wild Card, and I think they will still do so.  In this game on Sunday for money reasons I picked the Chiefs to win, but I think it would be in the Chiefs best interest if the Redskins showed the world that they are team we saw last year if the trend of Super Bowl Champs holds any weight in this years post season.  The Chiefs are favored by 3.5 on the road this week, I'd be willing to bet against them in Vegas.  If they win it will be by 3.


Thank You Nike Claims

Last September I purchased a 49ers Frank Gore Nike jersey from Fanatics.  All of my other jerseys are Reebok and last year was the first year of Nike taking over the NFL contract for jerseys.  I originally purchased a Game Day Aldon Smith jersey for $99.  I didn't like the quality of the Game Day jerseys, it felt like a T-Shirt with painted on numbers, so I returned it and ordered the Frank Gore Limited jersey for about $140.  The next level up is the Elite for $250.  When I received the Frank Gore Limited jersey the numbers seemed a bit wrinkled, but I ignored it and assumed that it was just due to packaging and they the wrinkles would fall out or could be ironed out.  I never ironed it and the wrinkled never fell out, but I did notice some black marks starting to show up.  Generally speaking I only wear my jerseys on game days and some Fridays to work.  I have a rotation of 4 jerseys so I can say that I probably wore this jersey all of 4 times last season.  I went to put i on this season and the black marks looked worse.  It looked like I got in a fight with a fine tip Sharpie but the jersey had just been sitting in my closet folded for the whole off season.  I took it to my Dry Cleaners, they cleaned it but said the dark spots were due to lint being under the numbers.  The link also caused the bubbling and wrinkles that I had noticed.  At this point I realized that the jersey was defective and there's no way I should be spending over $100 for something and it looks like this without me even wearing it more than 10 times. First step, twitter and I got great responses from Nike and Fanatics.

The Fanatics told me that the order was too old for them to do anything, as expected.  They did however give me a store credit for 20% of my original purchase to use in their store.  I also went to the Nike Claims website as suggested and shipped my jersey off to Nike on Tuesday.  On Thursday they sent me a message stating that they received my jersey and indeed it was defective.  Due to it being defective, Nike is sending me a Nike Product Voucher for the amount of the jersey so that I can purchase another one (or whatever else I may want from their store).

Thanks Fanatics, Nike, and twitter for helping me have an open dialog on the go with these companies.


NFL 2013 Season Predictions: Redskins, Ravens, 49ers, Playoffs, & Super Bowl

I guess its a better time than any to give my predictions for this year.  Last years predictions weren't too off, I projected the Ravens to finish 10-6 winning their division along with the Patriots, Texans, and Broncos.  My predictions for the Redskins were 8-8 and with a chance at the Wild Card slot, they stepped it up to 10-6 and won the division with their end of the year winning streak. Other than the 49ers, Falcons, and Packers my NFC Playoff picks looked off.  I predicted the 49ers would finish 10-6 and win the division.  It's a bit tough to predict a tie, so I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt.  My fandom Super Bowl prediction of Ravens vs 49ers actually happened, but my real prediction of Packers losing to the Texans in the Super Bowl fell short.

Ok so lets break down my picks for this year like the ESPN Experts did, well minus the Coach of the Year, MVP, and ROY predictions.

NFL Season Predictions

My Fan Picks
My Actual Predictions
AFC East PatriotsPatriots 
AFC North BengalsBengals
AFC South TexansTexans 
AFC West BroncosBroncos 
AFC wild cards Bills, ChiefsBills, Ravens 
NFC East RedskinsRedskins 
NFC North PackersPackers 
NFC South SaintsFalcons 
NFC West 49ersSeahawks 
NFC wild cards Seahawks, Falcons49ers, Saints 
AFC champion TexansBroncos 
NFC champion 49ersSaints 

Story book ending for Peyton Manning, he ascends into football heaven (retirement) with his 2nd Super Bowl ring then Ray Lewis jumps out of the stands and hugs him, which ends up looking more like a tackle because Peyton wasn't expecting it.

Ok time to do the Redskins, Ravens, and 49ers predictions.  I'll start with the local teams then finish with my favorite team.

The Redskins had a great finish to their season last year, their Rookie QB and Rookie RB combo was practically unstoppable, until the injury.  RG3's injury does worry me somewhat, but I think as long as he takes it easy and stays away from Clay Matthews and Ndamukong Suh in weeks 2 & 3, he'll be ok and return from the BYE at full speed.

  1. Eagles - LOSS - I think the Redskins will start off somewhat refrained and the Eagles will be full steam ahead.
  2. at Packers - LOSS - Home Advantage
  3. Lions - WIN - Shoot Out game.
  4. at Raiders - WIN - Not sold on the Raiders
  5. BYE
  6. at Cowboys - WIN - I hear that the Redskins own Cowboys Stadium
  7. Bears - WIN - Depends on which Bears show up, but this is winnable.
  8. at Broncos - LOSS - The Bronco's should have all of the parts of their defense at this point
  9. Chargers - WIN - I don't believe in the Chargers
  10. at Vikings - WIN - Refrain (you can't stop) AP, and this is a win in the bag
  11. at Eagles - WIN - The offense will be at full speed and keep up with the Eagles for a very enjoyable game to watch
  12. 49ers - LOSS - I'll be here in my 49ers gear, the 49ers are winning this one. (Fan Pick)
  13. Giants - WIN - Home Advantage
  14. Chiefs - WIN - Andy Reid will make this interesting, but the Redskins appear to have a better team than the Chiefs, plus they are at home.
  15. at Falcons - WIN - They almost won it last year, I think they can win it this year with a healthy RG3.
  16. Cowboys - LOSS - These last two games could flip flop, they are more so to make the NFC race for 2nd place more interesting as the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles chase the Wild Card slot.
  17. at Giants - WIN
 That puts them at 11-5, one win better than last year and a much more balanced full season.  I think they will win the division by 1 or 2 games, it won't come down to divisional wins in the NFC East this year.  The other 3 teams will be scrambling for wins towards the end of the season to get a wild card spot.

The Super Bowl Champion Ravens, I think this will be a tough transition year for them.  That got younger, which ultimately will mean they will be faster and possibly healthier, but I think it will take some time to get all components of the team to gel properly.  I know that the preseason means nothing, but at times they looked like confused misfits.  All that tells me is that position ranks weren't really determined and the 1st team hasn't had a chance to get used to playing as a unit.  It will take time, luckily the AFC North and the AFC East have a few teams that should help build confidence.

  1. at Broncos - LOSS - Offense vs Offense, I gotta pick Peyton and his deep WR core. This should be a great game, I can't see it being a blow out for either team.
  2. Browns - WIN - I expect the Browns to do something this year, just not against the Ravens
  3. Texans - LOSS - Texans Defense wins this one
  4. at Bills - LOSS - A sleeper loss.  Bills have a decent defense, a better QB, a great RB, and good WRs, I think the Bills can sneak away with this one.
  5. at Dolphins - WIN - All of Baltimore will be in Miami on Instagram for this game, the stadium will likely be 75% purple and the Ravens get a big confidence booster.
  6. Packers - LOSS - I'm going with Aaron Rodgers on this one.  If the Ravens pass rush is effective, they can make this swing the other way.  Defense will need to be excellent to win this one.
  7. at Steelers - WIN - Nice win going into the bye week
  8. BYE
  9. at Browns - WIN - Feeling fresh from the bye another win to OWN the Browns.
  10. Bengals - WIN -  Home Win against the Bengals to feed Ravens divisional confidence
  11. at Bears - LOSS -  This could go either way, Home Advantage
  12. Jets - WIN -  Do you really want me to explain this?
  13. Steelers - WIN - Steelers OWNership with a home win.
  14. Vikings - WIN - Home Advantage, plus I trust Flacco more than Ponder.
  15. at Lions - LOSS - The Lions high powered offense will out power the Ravens in this road game.
  16. Patriots - LOSS -  I just made a bunch of people angry with this one, sorry. I think the Patriots will have a surprisingly good year, this game will put the icing on the season for them.
  17. at Bengals - LOSS -  This will likely be a must win for a Wild Card spot, if the Bengals are still playing starters in hope to get a bye then they will get this home win.
Finishing their season at 8-8, I would venture to say that they can get 1 out of the either the Lions or the Bills to finish 9-7 with a chance at the Wild Card in the AFC.

The NFC Champion 49ers, fell short from a Super Bowl win.  Some say it was the refs fault, but I'll just say that the team with more big game experience came out and played harder from the very beginning.  Its hard to expect to win if you are trailing by so much with half of the game gone.  Plus you can never count on refs calls to win games, teams have to play hard all 4 quarters to win games.  I think it was a good experience for a young team, young QB, and a fairly new Coach.  With the emergence of the Seahawks, and a target on their mobile QB, this season will likely be tougher than last year.  The past two years I would say that we were somewhat under the radar, even after going to the NFC Championship most "experts" predicted a huge fall off. 

  1. Packers -WIN -  I'll give the advantage to our defense.  Tough game to start the season.
  2. at Seahawks - LOSS - Home Advantage plus Guinness World Book Record for loudest crowd might make this game unbearable to watch as a 49ers fan.  It would be awesome if we could silence them though.
  3. Colts - WIN - Back home for a win.  Luck  likes to throw INTs, and we have a bunch of folks that like to catch them.
  4. at Rams - LOSS -  I don't think we should lose any games to the Rams, but they knew us too well last year, I'll give them this home win.
  5. Texans - LOSS - Fanship says we'll win, my gut says it will be close.  I'll give this to the veteran team.
  6. Cardinals - WIN - We still have the Cardinals number, Carson or no Carson.
  7. at Titans - WIN -  Another nice win to build confidence.
  8. at Jaguars (London) - WIN -  Should be a very convincing win, might see BJ Daniels or Colt McCoy in this game at some point.
  9. BYE
  10. Panthers - WIN - I'll give this to the QB with more weapons and the team with the better offensive line.  Not to mention this is a home game coming off of a bye.
  11. at Saints - LOSS - Saints have a vendetta against the Harbaugh led 49ers, with Sean Payton back I think they may have a chance to get this home win against us....maybe.
  12. at Redskins - WIN - I already commented on this above.  Defense wins and contains.
  13. Rams - WIN -  Bounce back from the week 4 loss with a home win.
  14. Seahawks - LOSS -  This game will likely be the deciding game for who will win the division, and the Seahawks will likely have Percy Harvin at this point.  Fanship says we win, but to make things interesting I'll give the Seahawks the sweep. It will make it more fun if we meet in the post season.
  15. at Buccaneers - WIN - Might see some backups in the game as well.
  16. Falcons - WIN - Last game at Candlestick Park, going out with a West Coast Win over the Dirty Birds
  17. at Cardinals - WIN - A strong win going into the post season.
Finishing the season at 11-5, but losing twice to the Seahawks could put us in a Wild Card position if the Seahawks play as expected.  As a fan I believe that we can beat the Texans, get the home win against the Seahawks, and possibly beat the Saints in their house again.  So I guess as a fan I'm saying 13 to 14 wins, but hey I'm a fan, what can I say.


Prettiest Girls [Music]

Well my daughter has gone nuts over this movie and watches it like 10 times a week, and we also listen to the soundtrack on the way to daycare in the morning.  This song stuck out as a genuinely great song that could have been a decent single even without the movie.  I could also relate to the lyrics.  I'll post the lyrics at the bottom.  Enjoy.

photography by AMDLD Photo

Pretty girl, pretty girl,
Oh no here comes a pretty girl, pretty girl

Uh oh here comes a pretty girl...


I know what you are thinking
I know what you will say
you made up this whole far fetched thing
about the reasons that i have changed

well i'm still the tiger
and the jungle is still my home
but she blew out my fire
and now my killer instincts are gone

what did you do?

everything lost its worth to me
everything in this world
every since it occurred to me that
you are the prettiest girls

my life is so amazing
let me explain how it got that way
well if happiness was standing at your door
i mean tell me what would you say?

but i am no liar and you rearranged my home
and i wonder how i dont get tired
of loving the three of you instead of what i own

all that is gone

everything lost its worth to me
everything in this world
every since it occured to me that
you are the prettiest girls

what are you doing to me?
what's so drastic all my friends see?
you say nothing, nothing, nothing
but it's really something, something, something

you won't answer me
and all the while
my heart just melts
from your innocent smile

it's strange
oh god i think i have changed

there's one thing that's sure
is everyday i love you some more
my hand's been handcuffed
and loved by you
so is there really anything i could do?


everything lost its worth to me
everything in this world
every since it occurred to me that
you are the prettiest girls


Random Images [05.23.13]

My homie Mike who usually does "Images of the Week" on Day2Day is out of town for his birthday so I'm sure he'll miss this week, so here are some images that I randomly came across on www.thechive.com earlier today that I found entertaining.

Game of Foams???
Best Sleep Ever
This isn't funny, its just awesome, and appropriate with Memorial Day coming up
This is great, it should be a T-Shirt.
Simple Comedy Always Cracks Me Up
If Zack Galifianakis was a canine...
But why is he hangin out of the window like he's on of the homies?
This cat might have a better meme face than the Grumpy Cat, in my honest opinion.
And that's when the fight started...
C'mon folks, don't take your kid to the bar. Its annoying to happy drunk people and its not a good look for you as a parental figure either...
And on that note I'm gone...


Eat the Cake...

A random Google search brought me to the gifs below. In sequence they had me crackin' up, so I decided to share.  The never-ending loop on that 2nd picture is hilarious. 

*Disclaimer: I do no condone domestic violence in any shape or form*


The Summer Is Mine, She Ain't Yours No More...

I'm a summer baby, First of July, Middle of the Year, the Height of Summer, therefore Summer belongs to me.  Pool parties every year as a kid, epic celebrations since then, Summer is mine!  Don't make me get an instrumental or something.  LOL, let me stop before I really start writing something.

Either way, rappers seem to love personifying Summer, J.Cole recently did it on his new EP, Truly Yours 2.  But it's not his first time doing so.  Check out my homeboy's blog for the whole EP (Day2Day: J.Cole - Truly Yours 2 EP). So in honor of J.Cole's new song personifying Summer, "Cole Summer", I decided to do a Throwback post with two of my favorite tracks personifying Summer.  Jay-Z's "Dear Summer" and Jim Jones "Summer wit Miami".  Jim's title doesn't really personify Summer but his lyrics and shots at Jay-Z do.  We all know Jay owns the summer though, he's been consistently putting out summer hits since his debut.  I think a few other rappers (Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy) did remixes to "Dear Summer" as well.

"Cole Summer"
"Dear Summer"
"Summer Wit Miami"


Change The Way You See Yourself

I thought that his was worth sharing, some very value lessons from Dove about how we perceive ourselves. No need in explaining it because the video is self explanatory.  The link that was originally shared with me was from Mashable but Dove also has a page dedicated to this experiment (http://dove.com/realbeautysketches).


Charlie Brown and the Peanuts vs. 90's Hip-Hop

Artist Mark Drew has a lot of Hip-Hop related artwork but this one caught the eye of Buzz Feed then caught my eye thanks to one of my friends sharing it with me.  The title of this exhibit is "Deez Nuts" a play on Peanuts mixed with Hip-Hop.

Check out more of Mark's work at http://www.makingends.com/
The gallery that hosted this exhibit goes by the name of China Heights.

via: http://www.buzzfeed.com/skarlan/charlie-brown-goes-hip-hop