T-Shirt Junkie: IT Code of Armor

OK I might be a T-Shirt junkie, I like T-Shirts that are geeky, funny, comics related, 80's related, video game related, music related, and some other various product tees.  The shirt above is a geek shirt that I got off of Shirt Woot (like I do with a lot of my shirts).  This is the Code of Arms for Programmers and most Computer Technicians.  I had to get this shirt because right now I'm employeed as both.  Now you say, "Lance its winter time, why are you wearing a T-shirt and why are you wearing it to work?"  Well its Friday and I wore a hoodie over it.  But then again the hoodie doesn't dress this up very much, just kind of matches so I rolled with it, plus like I said its Friday the dress code is out the window unless I have a meeting with a big wig.  The hoodie is a blue version of the NBA All Star Weekend in Vegas (2007) one below. Silver hoodie and lining, so it worked well with the grey/silver and blue in the shirt, well in my opinion at least.  Side note, I was there that weekend Vegas plus All Star weekend was a good look, too bad PacMan Jones messed that one up...


I found a picture of myself in the hoodie I was talking about on FB. That the peace sign not the middle finger by the way....No M.I.A.