Lifetime Achievement Award [T-Shirt Junkie]

Here's my T-Shirt for today.  We all gotta be good at something, and we should get an award for it.  Here's my award. I've been working on this talent since I was born, I've done it in practically every element, various locations, on airplanes, trains, while driving, under water, and the list goes on.  I gotta be the best.  LOL. [shirt.woot link]


One Thing About Women I've Never Understood...

I've lived with women all my life, except for 4 years in college and 2 years prior to me getting married.  I've lived with multiple women at the same time, Family...No Jack Tripper... Mom, Aunts, Cousins, and now Wife and Daughter.  But one thing that has never made any sense to me is... how is it that women lose so much hair everyday but yet always still have a full head of hair.  Growing up I would see hamster and gerbil sized hair balls pulled out of brushes and was just amazed that I wasn't looking at a woman with a bald head.  Ok, that's it for my randomness for today.


NBA All-Star Live Wallpaper [Android]

Here's a fun app/wallpaper for all the NBA fans out there. Its free with upgradable features that cost a fee. Enjoy.

Android App Review: NBA All-Star Live Wallpaper:
NBA live wallpaper 1

If you're a fan of the NBA and live wallpapers, you'll want to check out the NBA All-Star Live Wallpaper app, which enables you to customize your background with your favorite NBA team.

The app is what we call freemium, which means that it is free to download the initial app, but you'll have to pay up for each team you decide to download from then on. Each team's live wallpaper is $1.99 with an in-app purchase, or you could buy every team for a flat fee of $4.99. You can also purchase team ringtones, but they come with the $4.99 package.

Once the app is installed, you'll need to go to the wallpapers gallery to find the NBA options. Once you click on it, you'll be able to customize:

  • Team (only those you've paid for)

  • Court (Home Court, Team Clubhouse, or Blacktop)

  • Ball Type (NBA Official Ball, Team Ball Black, Team Ball Two-Tone, Red White and Blue, All-Star)

  • Number of Basketballs (1 - 5)

  • Ringtone (you'll also be able to access team ringtones if you purchase those)

Once the wallpaper is set, you'll see the basketballs that you've chosen bouncing around. Tapping one of them will make it bounce and tilting your phone will move them, all the while seeing your favorite team's logo in the middle of the screen. The wallpapers are all nicely designed and they're perfect for NBA fans who want to show off their fandom all of the time.

As I mentioned above, the initial download is free from the Android Market. We've got links after the break as well as more screenshots.

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Skier Airbag Backpack!

If I was a heavy duty skier or snowboarder this bookbag would be an absolute necessity!

Skier saved from deadly avalanche by airbag backpack:
Considering the pain and loss she's just endured, you may have a hard time convincing professional skier Elyse Saugstad that she's a lucky woman, but it's true. Saugstad was tackling Tunnel Creek in the Cascade Mountains with a group of other experienced backcountry skiers, when a large sheet of snow broke loose from the side of the mountain. Elyse and three others were sent hurtling 3,000 feet down the slope, sadly, only she survived the ordeal. Her almost miraculous escape was thanks in large part to the inflatable airbag system she wore. The safety gear has been available for sometime in Europe, but it only recently started making a splash here in the US. The large bladders filled with nitrogen helped keep her near the top of the avalanche, making it easier for her to breathe once the snow had settled and easier for rescuers to find her. Hit up the source link for an interview with Elyse Saugstad.

Skier saved from deadly avalanche by airbag backpack originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 21 Feb 2012 21:02:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Pregnancy, Basketball, and Don't Forget the Guns...

These have to be the worst Maternity photo shoots that I've ever seen.  Why would a photographer even take these pictures, lol.  I found this on a MSN News Website.

I'm glad my photographer friends Arminta (http://www.armintamckinney.com/) and Eunique (http://www.euniquejonesphoto.com/) have a lot more discretion than this when snapping family photos.

This guy doesn't even look like he can dunk for real, and why would he want to dunk his wife's pregnant belly? LOL

I hope this was photoshopped to this location, otherwise...WHY????

This reminds me of when my cat had babies and the 4 kittens were feeding off of her...FAIL


Good concept, outfit and scenery change would help.

I'm scared of this family, they look like horror movie villains just waiting to happen...

The Watermelon, the gun, huh? 

Now this is just unexplainable and completely ridiculous.  But hilarious, she seems to be enjoying the added fire power, just image if she was like the women on TV.  She would have one more secret torpedo come delivery time.  (I'll have to add the Martin clip below later, lol)

T-Shirt Junkie: IT Code of Armor

OK I might be a T-Shirt junkie, I like T-Shirts that are geeky, funny, comics related, 80's related, video game related, music related, and some other various product tees.  The shirt above is a geek shirt that I got off of Shirt Woot (like I do with a lot of my shirts).  This is the Code of Arms for Programmers and most Computer Technicians.  I had to get this shirt because right now I'm employeed as both.  Now you say, "Lance its winter time, why are you wearing a T-shirt and why are you wearing it to work?"  Well its Friday and I wore a hoodie over it.  But then again the hoodie doesn't dress this up very much, just kind of matches so I rolled with it, plus like I said its Friday the dress code is out the window unless I have a meeting with a big wig.  The hoodie is a blue version of the NBA All Star Weekend in Vegas (2007) one below. Silver hoodie and lining, so it worked well with the grey/silver and blue in the shirt, well in my opinion at least.  Side note, I was there that weekend Vegas plus All Star weekend was a good look, too bad PacMan Jones messed that one up...


I found a picture of myself in the hoodie I was talking about on FB. That the peace sign not the middle finger by the way....No M.I.A.


Jada Pinkett Smith – Burn (Dedication To Will Smith) [Music]

Listen: Jada Pinkett Smith – Burn (Dedication To Will Smith) FreesWorld.com
jada pinkett will smith Listen: Jada Pinkett Smith   Burn (Dedication To Will Smith)
For this Valentine’s Day, Jada Pinkett Smith has released a song dedicated to her husband of over a decade, Will Smith.
On the track, called “Burn,” Jada sings her love for her husband backed by a piano. She posted the following message on her Facebook to accompany the song.

Listen to "Burn" below:

With the major losses we have experienced in the last few weeks…

We should remember…

Our lives are worth living fully.


Our risks are worthy.
Our mistakes are worthy.
Our traumas are worthy as well.
The very paths we are told not to
tread are the paths that hold the
keys to our deepest understanding of
love for our lives and ourselves.

Self love is the gateway to truly loving

We were born to be loved and to love…

I love you.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
This is for you.


Demitri - My Neighbor [Music]

Here's a new single called "My Neighbor" by Demitri.  He writes his own music so feel free to leave comments about what you like or what you think could improve with this song.  Share it, share it, share it some more, then when you are done, like it, +1 it, re-blog, it and RT it.  Enjoy.

ASL - My Neighbor


Is Obama Really The Dark Knight?

I happened to stumble upon this on G+ under "Whats Hot" yesterday and I completely love the comparison.  Not sure how much the person that created this was really implying but it's a great coincidence.  Batman Begins was a great movie, The Dark Knight was Epic, and The Dark Knight Rises has been highly anticipated to be just as great/epic of a movie if not more so.  Are they calling Barack Obama the Dark Knight? Is he one man standing alone to fight evil, but most of the time he ends up catching a bad rep for doing good things because people can't see the bigger picture or they don't understand the he IS only one man and things were really messed up before he started trying to fix things?  Did he take down the Joker (Bin Laden) between 2008 and now?  Is Joe Biden his Alfred Pennyworth?  Who's Bat Girl, Robin, Cat Woman? Is Newt Gingrich the Penguin? LOL, Just kidding... Ok, Ok, I'm done. Just having fun with it. I just like the image, it should be a poster.

Food Fetish Gone Wrong! [Video]

This can't be good for her digestive system! How can she live like this?  Honestly I feel bad for her, there is so much good food that she's missing out on!

Best Cellphone Accessory Ever...

Ok, I might have siced it this is no where near the best, but this is such a sweet accessory for those that are kids at heart like me!  I just had to share it with my friends that don't keep up with technology.

Mind you I don't have an iPhone, and I'm far from an Apple Fanboy, but I gotta give credit where credit is due and that's to hot wheels for making a fun accessory like this.

All pictures and video below is from an Engadget article, if you want more information and to see more pictures check out their post: Hot Wheels iNitro.