Bain, Bane, its all the Same??? [Batman vs Politics]

Well a few months back I did a post that has received thousands of hits entitled "Is Obama Really the Dark Knight" just for fun based on an image that I found on G+ that compared the release dates of the Batman/Dark Knight Trilogy films and Barack Obama's political milestones.  I recently noticed that someone left an annonymous reply with links to several pictures comparing Mitt Romney to Bane, the villian from the Dark Knight Returns.  It's not hard to manipulate the movie into political views but I'll leave it at that.  I'd rather not spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it by mentioning any of the story line, but I do suggest that you go see the movie as soon as possible.

The pictures are a bit funny to me, but what's more entertaining is that politicians and news providers have already taken on this story. The Business Insider, Huffinton Post put up a quiz comparing the two, The Washington Post, and CBS to name a few.  I'm sure you can Google search and find much more on this comparison.  Chuck Dixson, the creator of the character denies the comparison (link).  The Bane character was also in Batman & Robin (from the previous Batman series) as Poison Ivy's juiced up sidekick.  Not to mention that this character has always been around in the Batman storyline, so its pretty obviousl that the character wasn't created to poke fun at Romney.  Its still good entertainment though.  I thought only the NBA used Hero releated movies to make things seem more exciting during the playoffs...

Here's a few bonus pictures that I got from a REDDIT post that reference's my Obama/Dark Knight post and shot my hits through the roof over the past couple weeks. 

Cat Woman

Two Face & The Joker