My Week 7 NFL Picks

The Return of the KOLVICK???

Ok ok ok, Kolvick is a bit of a reach, but with Kolb looking good now that he's healthy and Vick possibly being cleared to play this week, we all know Philly has a QB controversy.  Honestly if they go back to that dumb crap of letting they alternate downs or possessions they will lose more than half of the rest of their games.  A QB needs to be in rhythm and keep that rhythm to be a successful leader.  Not to mention the team, they need one leader to rally around.  The 1971 Cowboys tried it and failed horribly until they finally named Staubach as the starter instead of alternating downs between him and Morton each down.  Kolb has promise and whats to lead this team, Vick looks to be in great form, but doesn't care if he leads the Eagles or another team in my opinion, this year is more of an interview process for him so he can get the big check somewhere next year.  Hope its not Oakland, thats where Quarterbacks go to die, plus I think they would persuade him to fight dogs or some other animal again.  Alex Smith is cool, not really a leader, but Michael Vick for the 49ers would be amazing.  I'm done with that here's my picks.

Eagles @ Titans: I'm going with Philly no matter which QB starts.  I think if Desean Jackson doesn't play there will be a slight difference in the game, but not enough for them to lose to Tennessee.  The Eagles only concern should be stopping the run aka Chris Johnson.

Bengals @ Falcons: The Falcons should bounce back this week.  I'm sure the T.Ocho show will party up and let their presence be known in Atlanta, but I don't think their team has it all together to win in Dirt Bird Stadium.  Matt Ryan should have a great game.

Redskins @ Bears: I'm going to put my faith in the Redskins on this game.  The Bears looked good at the beginning of the season, but as of lately they have shown us they aren't really that team that beat the Packers on Monday night.  They will have a decent running game, but nothing through the air will lead to a bunch of field goals.  The Redskins offense lead by McNabb will (hopefully) put up a lot of points early, they will just need to run the ball late to seal the deal.

Jaguars @ Chiefs: Chiefs, the Jags suck. Even if their starting QB is there, they suck.  The Chiefs are looking like the truth this year, and I'm not just saying that so I feel better about them punishing the 49ers in week 3.

Steelers @ Dolphins: I'm picking the Steelers, defense wins games and championships. The Steelers have been stellar this year, and now with Big Ben in full effect its going to take someone more consistent than the Dolphins to take them out.  I think it will be a close game and to the wire but better than the "Ugliest NFL Game Ever Played", but at the end of the day the Steelers have what it takes to finish strong FTW.

Browns @ Saints: No brainer...the Saints, even though I picked against them last week, it was more so a divisional thing. We all know they are better than the Browns.  We might get a glimpse at the Saints from last year for a moment this week.

Rams @ Buccs: I'm taking the Rams just like I did last week, they are this years comeback kids, we all thought it would be the Lions, but they have been played with key injuries. The Rams over the Buccs. I'm seeing a high scoring game but not a blowout.

The No Longer Winless 49ers @ Panthers: Going into the season there were only 4 games I would pick my team to lose (Saints, Falcons, Packers, and Chargers), well we lost the first 5 games which included 2 of those teams I mentioned, and the other two teams are losing games everyone would've picked them to win. I say that to say its no way I'm picking my team to lose to the Panthers. 49ers all day baby.  We need a team slogan....instead of Wale's "No Days Off", ours should be "No Alex Smith Mistakes" if we can do that we can win. Alex isn't the leader for the future but he is 8-0 when he's the reason for 1 or less turnovers.

Bills @ Ravens: The Bills are NOT my pick for any game, and they will get murdered in the Ravens nest and all of the Ravens players will get acquitted of all charges come Monday morning...just kidding. But I think this is gonna be ugly, but it will be a great confidence builder for the Ravens.  They might even get a chance to let some of the backups get in the game. The Ravens by more than 3 scores.

Cardinals @ Seahawks: A divisional battle, but the Seahawks have proven themselves this year, and even more so at home.  The Cardinals are in QB confusion right now, I believe that the Seahawks defense will take full advantage of that.  Not to mention the Seahawks have their home crowd to act as a greater distraction aka the 12th man.

Raiders @ Broncos: I'm going with the Broncos.  I'm hoping (for fantasy reasons) McFadden comes back for the Raiders but even with a great game from him, I don't think they have what it takes to beat these Broncos.  Look for some more TeBow this week, but not too much...Orton owns the starting position.

Patriots @ Chargers: The Chargers proved last week again that they aren't the team they should be and I'm sure LT2 is enjoying it more than the opposing teams.  The Chargers won't have a chance against the Patriots, especially if Antonio Gates doesn't play.  Their Running game isn't all the way there and the passing game is suffering.  I'm still rooting for Rivers (he's my QB in my NFL.com league) and I hope Gates plays (I have him in my CBS aka Money league), but the Patriots are so much better of a team, this should be an easy win after last weeks battle.

Vikings @ Packers: I'm taking the Packers for the revenge.  Last year Favre & the Vikings beat the Packers 2 times and was hoping to beat them again in the playoffs.  The Vikings even with Moss have some defensive issues, but so do the Packers.  I'm calling for a sloppy game with a lot of mistakes but a lot of scoring but the Packers win down the wire by 6-8 points.

Giants @ Cowboys: The Giants should get a divisional win this week.  The Cowboys will make mistakes as always and the Giants have a defense that has become good at capitalizing on mistakes.  I'm gonna give the Cowboy's performance in this game the good ol Wade Phillips *yawn*.  By the way Wade needs this win for his job, and the rest of the NFC East needs the Cowboys to win so that they can move up in the division, especially the Redskins (the only team with divisional wins).  I'm still picking the Giants though, the Cowboys are in disarray.


My NFL Week 6 Picks

Berger Week

The Steelers did good but not great without their star QB Ben Roethlisberger but now he's back, hide your college daughters gone wild Cleavage, I mean Cleveland will be his attempt to bounce back from his suspension.  I'm picking the Steelers, with or without Ben they are better than Cleveland. This should be an easy comeback game for Berger.

Seattle @ Chicago: I pick Chicago they are the better team, Seattle is a roller coaster team and they really only look good at home, and a lot of that goes to the acoustics of their stadium and their unreal loud fans.  Seattle will look horrible today against the Bears in Chicago.

Miami @ Greenbay: I originally picked Miami with Aaron Rodgers possibly being out of the game and the Greenbay defense looking very poor this year.  With Rodgers back at the helm I'm going with the Packers.

San Diego @ St. Louis: I'm taking St. Louis at home. The Chargers have looked confused this year as if they don't have an identity.  The Rams on the other hand have looked a bit brand new behind Sam Bradford.  If my 49ers can't get it together, the Rams should win the division without a problem down the stretch.

Baltimore @ New England: this is a tough one, especially with the Randy Moss trade, but I'm picking New England. I feel like they have something to prove, most people have counted them out now that superstar Randy "Straight Cash Homie" Moss is gone.  Brady won 3 SuperBowls with average WRs and just spreading the ball, I think they are going to get back to that.  The Ravens are the better team in this match up but I'm sticking with the Patriots at home.  Random fact: Today's Tickets for this game have Randy Moss as the featured player on them.

Detroit @ New York (Giants): The Giants hands down.  Their defense has show up as of recently. The Lions have a high powered offense behind Shaun Hill but I believe that only works against average defenses.  I don't see them getting lose against the Giants, unless rookie Jahvid Best goes nuts like he did at the beginning of the season before getting injured, but I doubt it.

Atlanta @ Philly: I'm going with the Falcons 100% even picked them as my Streak for the Cash entry.  Even though the Falcons almost lost the Saints and almost lost to the winless 49ers, I think the Falcons are probably the best team in the NFC (with Michael Vick being sidelined).  I wish Vick was healthy for this match up, I would love to see him torch his old team.  Kolb isn't going to get it done. They will probably use this game to help shop him for a trade pending Vick being healthy enough to play again.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay: I'm going with the Buccs. They haven't figured out their running game but their young QB Josh Freeman has looked great this year.  New Orleans has a Madden curse looming over their head and all the black magic and voodoo in the NO can't compete with Madden.  This will be an interesting game but the Saints aren't who they were last year.

Kansas City @ Houston: The Houston team confuses me, I'm not sure if they are good or bad, however Kansas City has been surprising this year, maybe they had an easy schedule or played teams that underestimated them, who knows.  Matt Cassel is a talented QB, I think he will lead them to a win in this game.  KC just has to stop Arian Foster. The Chiefs

New York (Jets) @ Denver: Denver has looked decent at times and Orton has looked surprising and so had Brandon "former Niners & Skins failure" Llyod.  But the Jets hands down will win this game, they have one of the best defenses and I don't think Denver will even look as decent as they did in their 17 to 31 loss against the Ravens. The Jets should be able to stop them and run all over them all day.

The Battle of the Bay aka Oakland @ San Francisco: Two great NFL franchises that haven't been trying to get it together since the mid part of the last decade.  The Raiders won a big game last week in thei division. The 49ers are 0-5 and having internal battles and implosions that have all been made public.  I think the 49ers will win this game, they have more on the line.  Alex Smith should play like he did in that 4th quarter after his teammates stood behind him and told the coach they wanted him in the game and he told the coach that he wasn't coming out of the game.  He's fighting for something...his career, but he has the respect and belief from the captains of his team that he can get it done.  The 49ers will win this game and celebrate like just clinched the division.  As long as the rest of the team plays their roles and the confused people in this pictures below can get it together, this should be a win that won't go down to the wire.

Dallas @ Minnesota: The Vikes should rip Dallas a new one, but it will be a game won in the 4th Quarter.  This game will have a lot of offense, but I think it will be won on defense.  I only say that because Bret Favre is a gunner and Tony Romo makes mistakes.  A fumble, interception, or holding call will win the game for the Vikings today.

Indianapolis @ Washington: I've been impressed with the Redskins, their defense has played tough and McNabb has made some great passes, recently the running game has gotten a new face.  If Washington can run for 120+ yards they could win this game.  But Peyton Manning is a drill sergeant and I don't think he's going to lose this game, so he won't make it easy for the Redskins.  I'm not a believer in Indy's defense but I will say it is better than the defense of the teams the Skins have beaten so far.  I'm taking the Colts for the win but pulling for the Skins.  I think this will be a very interesting game, possibly the highest rated of all the games this week.

Tennessee @ Jacksonville: Tennessee without a doubt.  Both QBs are average with semi-explosive moments to me, but this game will be won on the ground and the Titans have the best ground game in this match up.  Chris Johnson should have 100+ yards and a couple of TDs in this game.  This might not even be a game I would watch all the way through, unless a fantasy win depends on it.