Quick GMAIL Tip from Mr. IT

If your GMAIL account is starting to reach its 7 or 8GB quota there are couple quick things you can do to fix that.  GMAIL has a lot of search options built in, and once you know what they are they become very helpful.  Here's a link to all the search keywords: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=7190.  I'm only going to give you a couple related to finding large emails.

Ok first, GMAIL gives you a search field that is very useful (much like its Daddy google.com) for finding anything you are looking for, you just need to know what you are looking for.  If you know you have one person that always sends you huge files and forward, start your search with them, type their name into the search field and look for everything that comes up.  If you know its garbage and you've already seen it a million times, just delete it, don't be a Cyber PackRat.  But if possibly what the send you are files that you treasure and want on your computer but don't really need to access them via the web, open the emails and save the files to your PC. GMAIL even gives you an option to "Save All Attachments" for emails with multiple attachments. Save Attachments -> Delete Email -> Empty Trash then watch your percentage of used space go down.

Secondly, if its not that easy you will need to try one of the following searches:
  1. has:attachment - this is the most general of the searches, not all attachments are space hoggers
  2. filename:(avi OR mov OR mpg OR mpeg OR mp4) - this one will find any emails with video file attachments in your inbox. You can probably tell by the subject lines if you need hold on to any of these, so start checking the selection box and deleting, this will free up a lot of space
  3. filename:(jpg OR jpeg OR png) - this search will find the emails that have pictures attached to them. Now if its just one or two pictures it probably won't be a big deal.  But if someone sent you 5 or more pictures attached to an email that can end up being a large email, especially since pictures now a days can average from 2-5MB a piece.  "Save All Attachments" then delete the email.  Or if its just one of those emails with a lot of pictures like "the people of Walmart" emails just delete it, its only funny the first time...
  4. filename:(pdf OR doc OR xls OR ppt) - I didn't really do this one because most documents that are in my GMAIL are generally important, but this might help some of you out a lil.  You could also do a shorter version of this (filename:ppt) since often times people who send forwards have inspirational or silly forwards that have PowerPoint documents attached.  Remember Google also gives you a Google Docs account with your Google/GMAIL account, it might be helpful for you to click "View" under the document name and open then save it to your Google Docs account, that way you can just delete the email but the file is still saved to "the CLOUD" so that you can access it anywhere.
After you are done with those go to your Trash then click the link to "Empty Trash Now".  Now you have done some Spring (or whatever season it is) Cleaning and you inbox should feel much lighter already! I lost 20% when I did this and I generally delete a lot of forwards so I'm sure some of you will lose a lot more!

If this didn't help you, you could also activate IMAP in your GMAIL then set up your account in the desktop app on your machine (Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc..).  Go to Settings and make the changes you see below then go to GMAIL's instructions on how to set up IMAP mail in your mail client.


The Best Words is Now The Best of Both Worlds: Wordfeud Has Arrived for iOS

Finally it has arrived! WordFeud on iOS, so all my Android friends can delete Words with Friends and tell your iOS buddies to get the more superior game if they want to play a real mans version of Scabble.  As I said in my previous blogpost, Word(Feud) with Friends???, Words With Friends is cool, but the only benefit was cross-platform play, now there's nothing that makes this game worth having.  I don't know who half the people I'm playing against are on WWF because they don't have a profile picture, and shaking my phone like I'm about to roll dice at the craps table when I need to shuffle my letters while secretly playing words in a meeting just aint cool man...

The WordFeud developers site posted on April 5th that WordFeud had arrived to iOS, but I wonder why AndroidCentral, Boy Genius Report (BGR), or Engadget (the main tech sites that I check) didn't have anything mentioned, or did I miss it?  Someone on AndroidForums even meantioned that they didn't see a post about it.  All of those sites made a big deal about WWF becoming cross platform, but when it comes to WF which is a much better game they are all quiet.

Well Dear iOS Buddies, I am going to finish my 3 current games on WWF then delete it forever, come see me on WordFeud, you know the name, the name don't change!

Here's the post from the WordFeud Dev Site:

Wordfeud for iOS is here

by wordfeud on April 5th, 2011

After about four months of development, Wordfeud for iOS is finally out. A big thanks to everyone who helped with final beta testing.

It spent almost exactly one week waiting to be reviewed by the Apple people (which seems to be the norm these days). Thankfully, it was approved on the first attempt.


NaS - Street Disciple: A Throwback Hip-Hop Treat from 1999/2000 (Free Download)

Street Disciple not to be confused with Street's Disciple the Double CD released by NaS in 2004.  Street Disciple is a CD that my friend Deebo and I created in 2000 from tracks that were supposed to be release by NaS on his CDs I am and Nastradamus but didn't make it on the albums due to bootlegging.

Well Deebo and I felt like these were quality tracks and they deserved an album, so we created Street Disciple, NaS released an album called "Lost Tapes" 2 years later, which much like our album was filled with previously unreleased tracks and was an instant classic (like ours).

The name Street Disciple came from the verse NaS spit on the Main Source song "Live At the BBQ".

"Street's disciple my raps are trifle, I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle"

After coming up with the title, the next step was to pick the tracks that make the album then order them so that it felt like an actual album and not just a compilation of tracks.  We even had to name a few tracks that were untitled when we got them.  Once that was done, it was about designing a Nas-esque CD cover, but of course at that point all of his covers were just up close pictures of him.  So we released the first non-head shot NaS cd and gave the people a picture of him in the streets on the front and other images of him to show various personalities on the inside, cd label, and back. And like that a classic was created.

The download link is below the track listing, download and enjoy.  Leave comments on the blog if you like it.
  1. Fetus (Belly Button Window)
  2. Find Your Wealth
  3. Blaze A 50
  4. Hustlers & Killers
  5. Livin' the Life (Freestyle Session)
  6. Drunk By Myself
  7. Everyday Thing (feat. Dr. Dre)
  8. Day Dreamin', Stay Schemin'
  9. Gotta Love It
  10. Music Makes... (This Thug Calm Down)
  11. Nature Shines (Interlude) (feat. Nature)
  12. The Hardest Thing To Do...
  13. Silent Murder
  14. Sinful Living (Interlude)
  15. Sometimes I Wonder
  16. Poppa Was A Player (feat. Ron Isley)
  17. Triple Treat (feat. Nature & Noreaga)
  18. Wanna Play
  19. Afterlife (Interlude)
  20. Among Kings
Download Link: http://db.tt/Bz5ZR7EC


Hip-Hop Versus Crap

Check out my homeboy Johnny Walker Black, he has a few entries for the Ludacris Magnum Live Large Contest, if you like his flow then simply 'Like' the video.  Feel free to leave him some comments and what not.


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