Demitri - I'm The One [Video] [World Premier]

About a month ago I debuted the latest single from Demitri "I'm the One" for your listening, downloading, and sharing pleasures.  Its a great upbeat club or radio song and is definitely remix worthy if there are any rappers or female vocalist out there that want to add something to the beginning and/or end of this one.  Well either way today I have the final version of the video for the song below for you to view and share.  Reshare, ReTweet, ReBlog, and ReWhatever else this video, share it with your friends.  Contact Demitri by email DemitriMusik@gmail.com or twitter @DemitriMusik.  Download the song here http://soundcloud.com/lanceriprock/demitri-im-the-one/
Directed by Miguel Asua for Asua Light LLC 


Baseball Music???? [Throwback]

After going to the Nationals Opening Day a couple days ago, its only right that we play some "Baseball Music", and no I'm not talking about the race motivated songs they play before batters step to the plate...lol.

The way Nelly milked the crap out of his first CD was genius! He had songs coming out for over a year, even some like this one were very ESPN friendly and was getting played throughout the baseball season and during highlights and where ever else they could place it.  I think this was one of the last songs off of this album.  You could definitely tell the difference in the quality of the video, the guest stars in the video, and even the dress/jewelry since the first single, Country Grammar. Plus it was smart of him to put his crew on while he was hot to transition to their CD.  Great marketing Nelly.

And here's a bonus track, not necessarily about baseball but the name of the album was Swing Batta Swing and the previous song takes me right into this one for some reason. Crazy enough at one point I've owned both of these albums. I think Kemp Mill Music got the one from below from me when I needed some extra cash...lol.


Why iTunes is "Genius"

My absolute favorite feature of iTunes is the Genius, its a feature that's been around for awhile but I'm not sure that everyone is aware of it.  Sure there are a few playlist already created by the Genius and those are cool and well constructed.  But my favorite thing is when I right click on a song that goes with my current mood and click "Start Genius" and it gives me a playlist of 25 songs (you can choose more or less, 25 is the default) all song matching with this same mood and all the songs are very well associated with each other.  I've noticed similar song topics, music eras, music sub genres (underground, gangsta rap, party songs, etc), similar production, same producers, associated artist, etc.  Google Music has something similar called Instant Mixes that you can do on the fly, its ok and nice to have from mobile but its just not as precise as iTunes Genius, yet.  I say yet, because Google is Search King, so I'm sure they can come up with an algorithm to compete if they make it their focus.

Below is a Genius Mix that I made starting with Fat Joe "That White" that real Hip-Hop fans can enjoy.  I didn't make this mix because I wanted to listen to Fat Joe or listen to a song about Cocaine, I wanted to hear a well crafted beat by DJ Premier.  No where in my tags for this song do I have DJ Premier listed, but look at the rest of the songs that the Genius gave me.  Perfect blend and a lot of DJ Premier, check his discography. Actually from what I can see 15 out of the 25 songs are produced by DJ Premier, the other 10 got a similar feel to them or are directly associated with Fat Joe.

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Close Up On The Playlist


Beach Body Motivation [T-Shirt Junkie]

This post is a few weeks old because I've already worn this shirt a few times but its even more relevant now.  The weather is getting nice on a regular basis now, soon it will be warm enough to wear less clothes and start hitting the beaches, amusement parks, and pools.  Time to get in shape and shed our winter coats, layers, fat, pounds, etc... As mentioned in a previous post [When the love for Bacon goes too far...], there is a weird obsession with bacon nowadays, so what better way to motivate us to work out than some BACON!!!! [shirt.woot link]

Here's a Bacon Bonus for all of you who love bacon to death, do it in moderation...don't let it bury you...