Baseball Music???? [Throwback]

After going to the Nationals Opening Day a couple days ago, its only right that we play some "Baseball Music", and no I'm not talking about the race motivated songs they play before batters step to the plate...lol.

The way Nelly milked the crap out of his first CD was genius! He had songs coming out for over a year, even some like this one were very ESPN friendly and was getting played throughout the baseball season and during highlights and where ever else they could place it.  I think this was one of the last songs off of this album.  You could definitely tell the difference in the quality of the video, the guest stars in the video, and even the dress/jewelry since the first single, Country Grammar. Plus it was smart of him to put his crew on while he was hot to transition to their CD.  Great marketing Nelly.

And here's a bonus track, not necessarily about baseball but the name of the album was Swing Batta Swing and the previous song takes me right into this one for some reason. Crazy enough at one point I've owned both of these albums. I think Kemp Mill Music got the one from below from me when I needed some extra cash...lol.