Word(Feud) With Friends???

After a month and some change going by of Words With Friends (WWF) being on Android OS, I have concluded that I still like WordFeud (WF) better. WWF is a good game but in comparison to WF is lacking in so many departments. I'll break it down for you.

WWF Good (Compared to WF)
  • Ability to play against iOS and Android friends
  • Ability to play against iOS and Android friends (I listed this twice because it holds the most weight for now...)
  • Beautiful Bright Interface
  • Nice Sound Effects (if you are into that sort of thing, but for me I'm using playing it places I shouldn't be playing games and I prefer silence
  • Tells you if a word is not a word a lot quicker than WF

WWF Downfalls (Compared to WF)
  • Can't save opponents to a friends list so to have easy access to play them again later.
  • Crashes, Force Closes, and Corrupts Games on Android OS. They have come out with several updates since the original launch so I'm sure at some point they will get this right. The quick fix is to uninstall and reinstall the game, which forces you to log back in with your username so that it can redownload your game information (or for the geeks go to Application Settings and clear cache and content).
  • The button to Resign the game is on the main screen, so it can accidentally be hit
  • Its cool that if you shake the phone it Shuffles your letters, but can I just get a button? I don't want to shake my phone a bunch of times while I'm attempting to figure out what words I can make from my letters.
  • The Ads pop up after every word you play and the load a lot slower. So it seems to take longer to exit out of them
  • Its too easy to make super ridiculous point words because the Special Blocks are closer together so like a 4 letter word can get Triple Letter and Triple word, opposed to you needing make a 5 letter word in WF
  • Lack of options (Maybe that’s the former Blackberry User in me, but I like having options)
  • Only 1 board. WF has a standard and random boards to play when you get tired of the same special tile placement
  • The Chat function is a bit slower. But honestly the Chat function in WF is the best in the world, hit me on Twitter or GChat if u want to talk trash for real...lol
  • I feel like there are a few other things that I didn't like about WWF compared to WF but I can't think about them right now. But if anyone else has any complaints leave it in the comments section. LOL
To sum that up WWF just seems be lacking and very buggy.

The WordFeud developers site posted this about a month ago, which pretty much means the slight upper hand that WWF had over WF will be taken away from them.
Wordfeud for iOS sneak peek
by wordfeud on February 9th, 2011
Wordfeud for iOS is coming soon!
Wordfeud on iOS and Android - side by side
 Wordfeud for iOS

Update: WordFeud for iOS is now available check out this blog for more info: http://riprock81.blogspot.com/2011/04/best-words-is-now-best-of-both-worlds.html