NFL Playoff Predictions and Week 17 Picks

Here's my playoff picture via http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine and picks for the week 17 winners.  I went all home teams accept the Buccaneers, I figured that the Falcons don't have anything to lose or gain with this game so they might slack off and put in some bench players.  The other games that didn't matter I just picked the home teams.  Some of the other games, the home teams need wins to have playoff hopes.  I'm sort of thinking that Detroit should just lose to get a better draft pick, but I don't think they will just let a divisional opponent beat them down at home.  They could still lose, but I don't see them just giving the win away.  I think Seattle is in, win or lose, but since they are playing at the same time as the 49ers, they will be playing for the win, just in case the 49ers slip up and lose the game to lose the division.  Also I'm going with the Skins over the Cowboys because they are at home and because they are coming in to this game red hot, so I think they will continue that trend against a mistake happy Dallas team.  The Skins just need to stop the run and let Romo help them win.  Three rookie QBs with 10+ wins gotta make other teams reevaluate what they have.  Head are going to roll in the off season.


Best Puppeteer Ever

This video post is a bit old, but my Grandma forwarded it to me, so I figured I'd revisit it.  This puppeteer does an amazing job making these lifeless dolls dance way better than most people I know, including myself.


NFL Playoff Predictions Going Into Week 16

This playoff prediction is based on my week 16 and week 17 weekly picks using the ESPN Playoff Machine (http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine).  My predictions put starting rooking QB's in the playoffs and two of the squaring off in DC, while the other one travels to Baltimore to face a QB that has been in the playoffs since his rookie year.  Which makes for some exciting times in the Maryland/DC area.


Sorry, STILL the Wrong Number...

Honestly, at least once a week, and at one point multiple times a day I get a call for the previous owner of my phone number.  I've had this number a year now, and I have received text messages from his sister, had long debates (via text) with what seemed like a bratty kid who didn't believe that I wasn't the person they were looking for.  But most often is the calls from various area codes, but the voice always sounds the same.   They are always looking for Terrence Johnson, I always tell them to delete this number and update their database.  I almost feel like they think I am him and I'm lying about not being him to avoid whatever trouble this guy must be in.  This voice message is from around August, they usually don't leave voice messages so I grabbed the mp3 for this one. Whatever it is, it sounds way too urgent for this dude not to be updating his contact information.


An Appropiate Award for Robert Griffin III???

On ESPN's front page for NFL they had a poll for what would be the most appropriate end of the season award for RG3, so I voted Rookie of the Year.  Below are the results for the rest of the US.  The funny thing is that Kentucky is neutral, but Indiana (home of the Colts and Andrew Luck) and Washington State (home of the Seahawks and Russell Wilson) both said that he doesn't deserve the Rookie of the Year or the MVP award.  Its understandable but just seemed comical to me.


Blackplanet Page: The Ultimate #Throwback #TBT

Well not the whole page, just some pictures that I found in a folder on my computer named "blackplanet".  So instead of bombarding everyone's Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with multiple posts and photogrids, here's a blogpost.  I did a lot of html and photoshop work for my page, and since I was in school for Imaging and Digital Arts it was a lot of fun to work on at the time.  I didn't do anything to serious to these pictures aside from giving them all a similar look or feel and branding some of the pictures with "RipRock81".  Either way, enjoy and don't laugh to hard.


Five Fantasy Football Teams, All Playoff Bound

Well as I meantioned earlier in the year I'm in 5 leagues, 3 of which have money involved.  This week is the 14th week of the NFL Season, which means real NFL teams are in the hunt for the playoff spots and Fantasy Football Playoffs are ready to begin.  One of my Free leagues only has a 1 week play-in, then a championship game week 17.  This is the league that I won the championship last year and got 2nd place the year before.  Right now I'm sitting comfortable in 3rd with an 8-5 record, 4th place is 7-6 and the rest of the league is at least 2 games behind with 2 game to go.  The kicker is, I'm the #1 scoring team in the league, so even if I lose 2, they can't catch me.  So we are playoff bound in the 1st team, Killa Kingz, mentioned in this blogpost (link).

As for the rest of the leagues that actually start the playoffs this week, 3 pay leagues and 1 free (which I'm the commish of), I made the playoffs in all 4.  Several add/drops, trades, injuries later my teams are still alive and kicking.  Only 1 was a sure fire for the playoffs, and we missed the division championship by losing the last game of the season by a few points after Eric Decker had his worst game ever.  The other 3 I needed things to happen in week 13, that happened and helped me move into a contending position. 

This week is all revenge games, the 4 teams that I play in the playoffs are all teams that I lost to previous in the season.  I finished 8-5, 7-6, 7-6, and 6-7, all of those are 14 team leagues accept the one I finished 6-7.

Here's the original post after the draft for each: