First Fantasy Football Draft of the Season

Getting the Fantasy Football season started, and the first draft this year is for 7th Season of the league that I'm the commissioner of, The Beltway Brawls.  14 teams, Points Per Catch, 9 Starting Positions (QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, DST) and 7 Bench Positions.

I had the #1 Pick and battled between a top tier elite QB and a RB that is a solid #1 on his team and make a lot of catches as well.  Here's a screen shot of how my draft turned out.

I went with Ray Rice because he's pretty much the number 1 WR and RB for the Ravens, as long as he stays healthy he should give me a consistent amount of points each week and the points per catch are defintely a bonus.  Andre Johnson went right before my #28 pick, I would have scooped him up but instead I went with someone less injury prone and who has been consistent as well, Greg Jennings, and the turn  around pick I decided to grab my QB Matt Schaub. Matt is in the same bucket Eli was last year, he can be elite, he's had really good seasons, I think he can finish among the best of them this season.  Pick #56 came around and Ahmad Bradshaw, another RB that is a solid #1 back and catches the ball a lot was still available so I picked him up.  I think he can also be consistent week to week.  On the turn around this time I picked up DeSean Jackson, after taking a year off to get a better contract, I'm hoping that he plays up to the level that we all know that he can this year.  In the 6th round I went with Jacob Tamme, a bit of a reach, it was still early Antonio Gates went two picks before that, I had my eye on him.  I figured I should get a TE that I felt could get 6 every week.  Tamme took me to the Championship in another league when Dallas Clark got injured a few years back.  I figure that he has the connection with Peyton already and we know Peyton loves his TE's.  Next I grabbed my 49er pick, Randy Moss.  Not sure if he'll stay in the #3 WR slot on my team too long, he's a wild card.  He seems to like his roll with the Niners but he might end up being use as more of a decoy for others to get lighter coverage, only time will tell.  Houston's defense in an easy division seemed like a no-brainer.  Only downfall is that my team might live and die with Houston due to me having their DST and QB.  I may look for another defense as a back up later on.  Ben Tate, backup to Foster on my bench. He put up great numbers when Foster was injured and when he was healthy last year, I'll put him in for byes and tough match ups for my starters.  Rashad Jennings, I think he's a steal.  Especially since MJD hasn't signed a contract yet.  Rashad couldn't end up being the #1 back.  Evan Royster has had a great camp this year, he has the potential to be a #1 as well, but if he falls down the charts it won't hurt to drop him for another hot player.  Earl Bennett seems like he will be a good #2 in Chicago and possibly benefit from Brandon Marshall getting double coverage at times.  Shane Vereen just seemed like a back in NE with a lot of potential to be like Darren Sproles was for Brees last year.  Steven Hauschka is my kicker, not completely sold on him, but I wanted someone that I felt would be kicking more field goals than extra points.  Devery Henderson...eh he's always hit or miss, I just wanted to grab another WR.  Last but not least Blaine Gabbert as my backup QB, if another available QB seems hotter, he will be replaced immediately.