Random Images [05.23.13]

My homie Mike who usually does "Images of the Week" on Day2Day is out of town for his birthday so I'm sure he'll miss this week, so here are some images that I randomly came across on www.thechive.com earlier today that I found entertaining.

Game of Foams???
Best Sleep Ever
This isn't funny, its just awesome, and appropriate with Memorial Day coming up
This is great, it should be a T-Shirt.
Simple Comedy Always Cracks Me Up
If Zack Galifianakis was a canine...
But why is he hangin out of the window like he's on of the homies?
This cat might have a better meme face than the Grumpy Cat, in my honest opinion.
And that's when the fight started...
C'mon folks, don't take your kid to the bar. Its annoying to happy drunk people and its not a good look for you as a parental figure either...
And on that note I'm gone...


Eat the Cake...

A random Google search brought me to the gifs below. In sequence they had me crackin' up, so I decided to share.  The never-ending loop on that 2nd picture is hilarious. 

*Disclaimer: I do no condone domestic violence in any shape or form*


The Summer Is Mine, She Ain't Yours No More...

I'm a summer baby, First of July, Middle of the Year, the Height of Summer, therefore Summer belongs to me.  Pool parties every year as a kid, epic celebrations since then, Summer is mine!  Don't make me get an instrumental or something.  LOL, let me stop before I really start writing something.

Either way, rappers seem to love personifying Summer, J.Cole recently did it on his new EP, Truly Yours 2.  But it's not his first time doing so.  Check out my homeboy's blog for the whole EP (Day2Day: J.Cole - Truly Yours 2 EP). So in honor of J.Cole's new song personifying Summer, "Cole Summer", I decided to do a Throwback post with two of my favorite tracks personifying Summer.  Jay-Z's "Dear Summer" and Jim Jones "Summer wit Miami".  Jim's title doesn't really personify Summer but his lyrics and shots at Jay-Z do.  We all know Jay owns the summer though, he's been consistently putting out summer hits since his debut.  I think a few other rappers (Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy) did remixes to "Dear Summer" as well.

"Cole Summer"
"Dear Summer"
"Summer Wit Miami"