My NFL Week 14 Picks - Peyton's Plight

Peyton's Plight
Well right now the Colts are a team actually in the playoff hunt instead of having their division secured at this point in the season for the first time in what seems like forever.  They are 1-2 in their division and the Jacksonville Jaguars are on top of the division.  Good thing for the Colts they have 3 more divisional games left starting with this week against the Titans.  The Titans are in complete disarray, they don't pose a threat to many teams at this point in the season.  The Texans have a good team, but their defense hasn't been great and they have allowed too many points.  So when they score a lot their opponents score more, you can't win anything like that. Now the surprising Jaguars have been winning close games and the recent games they have lost to good teams have been close as well.  Their team is playing like the franchise is on the line.  

I've always been a Brady over Manning fan except for when it comes to commercials, Peyton is definitely better than Tom when it comes to that.  But I do have a good feeling that the Colts will make a turn around in their season with 4 games left, 3 divisional games and 1 game against the Raiders.  They are the better team in the division but they are also very injured.  Peyton has been finding himself forcing passes that he might not have done before, this leads to interceptions, which leads to their team losing.  It seems like the teams in the AFC South have below average defenses so it will be their offense that wins the games. I have a feeling they will lose to the Raiders (sounds crazy right?) but if they can win the 3 divisional games they are playoff bound.  The Wild Cards in the AFC will go to the North and the East, so winning the division is necessary.

Lets start with tonight. Indy over Tennessee with ease.  Now Peyton won't put on the QB clinic that Mike Vick did against the Skins or that Tom Brady did against the Jets, but he will look more like the Peyton we knew last year in tonights game.

Buffalo over Cleveland: This is oddly enough a tough pick. If Buffalo gets their air game going they can win the game against a Cleveland team that will depend on the ground game and their defense/special teams.

Green Bay over Detroit: Do I need to explain this?  If Green Bay loses this game they don't deserve to make the playoffs this year.

Minnesota over NYG: this was a tough pick too but I just went with the home team.  I got a feeling Favre will take one snap to keep his streak going, then let Tarvaris Jackson & AP take over.  But if Favre plays the whole game the smartest thing he can do is just let AP control the game so that the Giants don't McNabb him.

Pitt over Cincy: Cincy is the bust of the year, they might as well just play for draft picks at this point.

Tampa Bay over Washington: Tampa is a good team and have shown it against some of the best, I think their defense and young offense will be too much for the beat up Skins on Sunday.  Plus the Skins have failed me in the picks too many weeks recently.

Atlanta over Carolina: Is it wrong for me to reference someone referencing me? Well like Mike said I said that Atlanta is due for a loss, it aint happening this week.  Actually only the Saints in week 16 have a chance to beat them. They play Carolina, Seattle, New Orleans, then Carolina again sounds like 13-3 to me.

Oakland over Jacksonville: Oakland has been playing tough football since getting beat by the 49ers in week 6 and they look like they want to sneak in and win the division and the Jags have been playing good football as well.  I just think the Raiders are a tougher team. The Jags have a good chance at home but I'll say it will come down to the last play and the Jags just won't get it this time.

New Orleans over St. Louis: I think the Saints are back on top of their game and the Rams suck on the road they won the last two on the road, but this one won't be as easy. I'm calling NO by at least 2 scores.

San Francisco 49ers over Seattle: The Seahawks have beaten us in the past two matchups, they were are only divisional loss last year, and the season opener will be the only divisional loss for the 49ers this year. The 49ers will win this one at home.  The Seahawks also appear to be confused at the running game and their WRs are dealing with injuries. Either Smith QB should be able to manage this game with no mistakes and get a 10 point win. My actual prediction is 27-16.

New England over Chicago: This is still a tough game no matter what happened against the Jets on Monday.  The Bears have proven to be a contender this year, but I think the Patriots will just show that they are the better team in this match up.

NYJ over Miami: Miami is still confused and the Jets practiced hard all week and they will show up on this game to prove to their fans that they should still be in the playoff/superbowl conversation.  Defense will win the game and make it a little more comfortable for Sanchez.

Denver over Arizona: I'm a little shakey about this pick.  Josh McDaniel's pass heavy team would mow over the Cardinals, I'm not sure which way they will go on Sunday.  If it becomes the Tebow show and Orton doesn't get the same chances he's had before it will be close.  Regardless Denver will win, their defense will pick apart the horrid Cardinal offense.

San Diego over Kansas City: Matt Cassel is out this week. Rivers knows he needs wins, its December, all that means a win for the Chargers.  Yeah they lost last week, but the Raiders showed up the Chiefs are at a disadvantage.

Philly over Dallas: I just can't pick Dallas, but they have a good chance to win this game based on the way they have been playing.  Dez Bryant being out made a slight difference in my pick.  I think this game will play out much like last weeks Thursday night game between Philly and Houston.  Philly 35 - Dallas - 31

Baltimore over Houston: Defense vs. No Defense... Defense will always win.  The Ravens might let this game get scary or close, but I think they will win it in the long run and make it look good. 28 - 17, Ravens.