Ben by Michael Jackson [Throwback] [Dedication]

I dedicate this MJ throwback to the little field mouse that snuck into my garage and got trapped in one of the sticky bug traps today.  When I saw the bug trap in the middle of the garage floor, I knew something was wrong, then I saw a little mouse head wiggling from one side of it, I immediately kicked the trap (and the mouse) out of my garage David Akers style.  The both of them glided in the sky over the driveway into the grass.  Startled by my sudden movements and mumbled harsh words my wife looked to me asked what it was.  She was relieved that I took care of it and protected her and our daughter.  Later we looked out the front door to see if the mouse had freed itself and scurried away, to our surprise he was still trapped.  My wife said, "oh no, don't kill him, don't let him die, save him please, he's kind of cute, he's not a scary mouse like the white ones with red eyes that they do experiments on".  So I did what needed to be done, I grabbed the trap and the mouse and took them further away from the house, then pried his legs and tail off of the trap with a stick to set him free.  Not sure if it was the sticky trap or my field goal kick earlier but his legs were pretty messed up and he wasn't moving too much.  He hobbled slowly attempting to get away.  I left him there as he moved about an inch a minute much more like a slug than a mouse.  Hours later we returned home and looked where the mouse was and scanned the field quickly, he was gone.  Hopefully he made it (to someone else's garage) and didn't get eaten by a cat or even worse stumbled back into my garage.  So field mouse this song is dedicated to you and if the cat got you, well I hope you are hanging with Michael.