Do Yo Think Your Kinect Is Spying On You?

Here's a fix! For $15 I think I'm going to get this. I've watched too many Sci-Fi movies not to look at the camera eyes on the Kinect as the light bounces off of it and think that while I'm sitting in my mancave in my boxers, drinking beer, eating pork rinds, and playing Madden that its some how uploading this feed to some central server somewhere or broadcasting it in a room full of monitors.  Not that I'm doing anything illegal but still, it's the principalities smokey!  I will be looking for this fitted cover for the Kinect on Amazon and Target this weekend.  Of course the press release for this accessory states several other reasons why this was created, but I'll say that these Jokers created this to keep Batman from spying on them.

'Connect Pritect to Protect Kinect:' for all your tinfoil helmet needs:

Have you considered that if a secretive governmental cabal seized control of your Kinect, it would be able to spy on you as you lurched awkwardly to Just Dance? Such is the price we pay for abrogating our right to privacy, or at least it was until Catalyst Components came up with a solution. Connect Pritect to Protect Kinect is a high-gloss plastic shield that clips over your device to block the sensor bar's cameras from prying eyes. The only opening is a tiny hole for the Xbox logo -- the efficacy of which is shown after the break. Freedom from surveillance will cost you a meager $15 from Target, Microcenter, Best Buy and Amazon.

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