Tebowing With A Purpose...Times Eight [Wedding Day]

From left to right: Adeeb (friend), Demetrius (cousin), Ian (friend), Marques (bestman), Lance (groom), Chris (bestman), Tony (brother), Richard (brother). Photography by JPix Sutdio

As I've mentioned in previous posts, last year I got married (11.19.11) and of course we had a team of photographers there to capture this special and epic event (JPix Photography).  Well in our photo session prior to the ceremony we decided that we wanted to get a shot of us all Tebowing.  Mind you this is Mid-November during the first wave of Tebow Mania.  But looking back, this just makes sense.  If Tim gets down on one knee and says a short prayer of thanks after a big win or a big play, then me and my groomsmen doing the same right before the big moment on the big day sounds like the perfect thing to do.  Thank you Lord for this day, for getting me to right here, to right now, and thank you for the road ahead.

This post seemed some what appropriate for today since Peyton Manning making his decision pretty much puts Tim Tebow out of a job.  I'm sure he'd grin and bare it to be a backup and maybe learn some good pointers from two legends and hope that in 3 or 4 years he can start again.  Unfortunately, I doubt the media will like that at all.  Skip Bayless has already been on twitter petitioning to #FreeTebow like he's Mumia Abu Jamal or Mike Tyson.  I do agree that the Bronco's need to let him go, make a trade or something.  Not because he's the best pure QB out there and needs to be starting somewhere, he's not even close, but because he has a will to win and he sells tickets.  Several teams need that, the Browns, the Jaguars, the Dolphins just to name the first few that came to mind.  Honestly Tebow in Florida would be the best move for him and for the franchise that he goes to.  Good Luck Tim!

Here's the link to this picture on www.Tebowing.com