Is Obama Really The Dark Knight?

I happened to stumble upon this on G+ under "Whats Hot" yesterday and I completely love the comparison.  Not sure how much the person that created this was really implying but it's a great coincidence.  Batman Begins was a great movie, The Dark Knight was Epic, and The Dark Knight Rises has been highly anticipated to be just as great/epic of a movie if not more so.  Are they calling Barack Obama the Dark Knight? Is he one man standing alone to fight evil, but most of the time he ends up catching a bad rep for doing good things because people can't see the bigger picture or they don't understand the he IS only one man and things were really messed up before he started trying to fix things?  Did he take down the Joker (Bin Laden) between 2008 and now?  Is Joe Biden his Alfred Pennyworth?  Who's Bat Girl, Robin, Cat Woman? Is Newt Gingrich the Penguin? LOL, Just kidding... Ok, Ok, I'm done. Just having fun with it. I just like the image, it should be a poster.