Pregnancy, Basketball, and Don't Forget the Guns...

These have to be the worst Maternity photo shoots that I've ever seen.  Why would a photographer even take these pictures, lol.  I found this on a MSN News Website.

I'm glad my photographer friends Arminta (http://www.armintamckinney.com/) and Eunique (http://www.euniquejonesphoto.com/) have a lot more discretion than this when snapping family photos.

This guy doesn't even look like he can dunk for real, and why would he want to dunk his wife's pregnant belly? LOL

I hope this was photoshopped to this location, otherwise...WHY????

This reminds me of when my cat had babies and the 4 kittens were feeding off of her...FAIL


Good concept, outfit and scenery change would help.

I'm scared of this family, they look like horror movie villains just waiting to happen...

The Watermelon, the gun, huh? 

Now this is just unexplainable and completely ridiculous.  But hilarious, she seems to be enjoying the added fire power, just image if she was like the women on TV.  She would have one more secret torpedo come delivery time.  (I'll have to add the Martin clip below later, lol)