Fantasy Football Drafts 4 & 5, and I'm done!

Ok, yeah I over did it this year.  I really need to seek professional help for my addiction to Football and Fantasy Football.  Either way I had two drafts again last night at the same time.  I did both online, I wasn't able to focus on each individually like I would normally like because I was constantly switching between screens but I was also a bit tipsy (to say the least) from Labor Day cookout celebrations.  All in all I would say that I love my teams.

First, Killa Kingz the returning champions for the Plus Side of Fantasy a NFL.com league.  My team has been to the championship both years of this league and we plan to make it back to back to back this year with this strong lineup.
Next up the is the Largo 99ers in the East Coast Blitzers 2.0 league.  Last year I was in the ECB Yahoo, I traded that league for this one after making the playoffs.  This one is hosted by CBS Sports and the commissioner from the original East Coast Blitzers league.