My Week 2 NFL Picks

Week 1 I didn't do a post for my picks but I did tweet them.  I did pretty good, I'm on top of my pick 'em league, and was one Raiders win away from winning the pot in my weekly pick 'em.  My losing picks were the Giants, Saints, Bills, Seahawks, and Raiders. 

So lets not even get into much of a story lets go right into the picks for week 2.

Green Bay over Chicago - this pick worked out, but definitely didn't look anything like I thought it would.  I thought it was going to be more of a shout out until the end.

Cincy over Cleveland - I'm going with the better defense, better offense at home.  Seems like a no-brainer.

Philly over Baltimore - I don't think Philly is going to stink it up twice nor do I think Baltimore is going to go ham again like they did last week.  However this is definitely a possible Super Bowl match up.

New England over Arizona - I really can't see this going any other way.

Minnesota over Indy - This could go either way I'm just going to go with the team with better Running Game and better Defense.

KC over Buffalo - Even though KC lost last week, they looked like they could beat a team that looked as bad as the Bills last week.

NYG over Tampa Bay - This could be tough match up, so I'm going with the home team and the reigning champs.

New Orleans over Carolina - A close game, a lot of offense, but I believe that Drew Brees will remember how to finish a game by playing a familiar opponent.

Oakland over Miami - The Dolphins just don't seem like they have a complete team on either side of the ball, its hard not to pick against them.

Houston over Jacksonville - I don't think there is a reason that a healthy Houston team should lose any of their divisional match ups.

Dallas over Seattle - Dallas seemed like more of a complete team last week, but I think playing in Seattle will show some of their true colors and some mistakes will happen.  However I don't think it will be enough for them to lose this game without Russell Wilson having a RG3-like game.

Washington over St. Louis - The Skins looks like the better team in this match up as long as they stay clean and low on the mistakes they should be able leave St. Louis as winners by two scores.  The Rams actually have a better defense than the Saints, but a much worse offense.  So this favors the Redskins.

San Diego over Tennessee - I'll take the vet QB and the home team in this one.  CJ0K would have to get back into form and have a 200 yard game to win this one for the Titans.

Pittsburgh over NYJ - Better defense better offense wins.  I wouldn't bet my life savings on this game though, its a toss up.

The San Francisco 49ers over Detroit - The 49ers are at home, their defense should keep the Lions in check enough to allow the 49ers offense to win this game.

Denver over Atlanta - again, I wouldn't bet my life savings on this, the Falcons looked great last week.  I'm just going to go with Peyton Manning on this one.  Ryan has the advantage at home so again this is a toss up.