My Week 4 NFL Picks

Week 4 and after the huge debacle on Monday Night Football, the NFL has done what they needed to do to bring the real refs back.  These guys will make up to 220K a year for 16 games plus playoffs, for most of them this is their part time gig that also gives them benefits and a retirement package.  Why in the world would anyone want to play do anything else but ref?  Honestly if my future son sucks at sports, I'm going to suggest that he becomes a NFL ref, the benefits and pay is great!  Either way I'm glad to have them back, all refs make mistakes but the other refs seemed to slow down the game with their indecisiveness.  Now we will just get bad calls quicker and keep the game moving.  I wonder if the lockout will effect refs since they didn't get an offseason.  Will they still be in shape?  Or were they at home drinking beer and eating Papa John's while watching their replacement fail miserably?  Eh either way, lets get to the picks.

Ravens over Browns - I just didn't think the Browns had the fire power to get the win here, they are a young team and they have some potential.  Trent Richardson has the ability to take the shine as the best RB in the AFC North in a couple years if he keeps it up.  The Ravens were predicted to win by 13.5, I wouldn't have taken that bet, I figured it would close but still a win for the Purple and Black.

Lions over Vikings - Hill or Stafford, it doesn't matter, I think the Lions have a better team, plus they are at home.

Patriots over Bills - I doubt this will be a blow out, but I think the Patriots will make sure to finish this game better than they have their last two.

San Francisco 49ers over Jets - tough loss last week but I mentioned in my post that I felt weird about that match up. Oh well its over, they should be more focused and learn no to take any match up for granted.  The Jets are missing their Peyton Manning of their defense and that will help ease the the pressure for the Niners WRs, but the 49ers will win this game on the ground and the Jets will have a hard time getting things going against this tough defense.  Chants for Tebow might start as early as 3rd Quarter.  It could be a problem for the Niners if he comes in.  The Niners haven't done well against backup QBs in the past, I assume its due to a different play style and lack of planning for it.

Falcons over Panthers - Falcons at home and they are hot.  The Panthers are who we thought they were.  But they will compete, mistakes against a tough ATL defense will slow them down early. Falcons stay undefeated.

Chargers over Chiefs - Flipped a coin... who knows both of these teams are flip flop teams, plus its a divisional match up so its even tougher to pick.

Seahawks over Rams - I think the Seahawks showed the world on Monday how good their defense was, even if they lost their defense played great all night long against a high powered offense.  So against the Rams I think this defense will have a field day.

Texans over Titans - The Titans would need a miracle or 200 yards from CJ0K to even compete in this one.  The Texans have the best defense and offense combination in the league right now and they will remain undefeated after this weekend.

Broncos over Raiders - This will be a classic QB battle, but I think the Broncos defense will help Peyton to a nice divisional win over Carson Palmer and the Raiders.

Cardinals over Dolphins - Defense will win this one against an inexperienced offense.  Plus Reggie Bush isn't 100% so the offense will be slowed somewhat by that.

Bengals over Jaguars - The Bengals defense hasn't looked much like it did last year but their offense has looked electric and that offense will be way too much for the Jaguars to handle.

Saints over Packers - This is one of my Under Dog picks, but 0-4 Saints, that just doesn't sound normal.  Most people are picking the Packers because they are home and have something to prove to the league after that horrible call that costed them the game.  But I still feel like Brees and the Saints have more to prove.  Sean Payton's job is officially secured, now Drew Brees needs to get his team together.  I'm looking for a shoot out from this game.  Last Touchdown wins the game.

Redskins over Buccs - Maaaaaan, I can't call it for real on this one, both teams are primed to win, the Redskins are a scoring machine and the Buccs are a team that's letting teams get busy.  I look for the Redskins to take advantage of that early, probably let the game get close in the 3rd and 4th, but end the 4th Quarter strong and get the win.

Eagles over Giants -Sorry again Giant fans homies, but I'm going to go out on limb and say that the Eagles will rally at home and even with a few turn overs they will finish this game with a win like they did against the Ravens in Philly.  I'm just giving them the edge because they are at home in this divisional matchup.  This is another under dog pick.

Bears over Cowboys - I went back and forth about this pick but at the end of the day I took the under dog Bears to grind this game out for a win, especially if Forte and M.Bush are both in the back field this week.  I don't see a high scoring affair but I do see a good amount of turnovers by both offenses.  The least turnovers wins the game.