My Week 5 Picks

My Game of the week is the "So We Meet Again" game Tom Brady and the Patriots vs Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  To keep it short and simple, I'm going with the underdog Broncos for the win based off of their better defense.

I picked Cardinals over the Rams, but they blew up in my face, but as a 49ers fan I'm glad to see the Cards lose one.

Ravens over Chiefs - Chiefs don't seem to have what it takes to put together a complete game.

Steelers over Eagles - this was a tough pick but I went with the fresher legs after the bye over the beat up and bruised team.

Packers over Colts - Should be a good game but the Packers should come out on top.

Bengals over Dolphins - The Bengals just seem to be a more put together team.

Giants over Browns - This would ba a serious upset if they lose.

Redskins over Falcons - as my underdog pick.  The Skins have enough offense and a good enough running game to make this game tough for the undefeated Falcons.  Last team with the ball wins the game, I expect it to be a shoot out.

Bears over Jaguars - Bears are a better team.

Seahawks over Panthers - another underdog, but I'll go with defense over a team that doesn't seem to have it together.

The San Francisco 49ers over the Bills - The Niners should be able to run the ball well against this weak rushing defense at home.  A mistake free 49ers should be able to get busy this game.

Vikings over the Titans - The Vikings are looking good so I'm going to stick with them on this one.

Broncos over Patriots - Like I said above, I'm going with defense.

Saints over Chargers - Even with the loses the Saints seem like they have it together a bit more than the Chargers and they should get their first win at home this week.

Texans over Jets - Jets suck and the Texans look like the most complete team in the NFL right now.

I know these are late but I make my picks on Thursday and I don't change them after that.  I'm just getting around to doing the blogpost.