What Should The Yankees Do With A-Rod?

By now its old news that Alex Rodriguez sucks in the post season and is on the decline in his career.  Not to mention the fact that he's not worth is contract anymore.  So what should the Yankees do?  Do they keep him and let hime retire on his on time as a Yankee?  Do they force him into retirement and offer him a job working for the Yankees?  Do they try to trade him to another team that needs a star to help fill their seats?

Here's what I say they should do...

Brian Cashman or Hal Steinbrenner should head down the the Cheers bar in Boston to have a few drinks with John Henry (not the Steel Driving man) and discuss the great rivalry between the two teams.
They can get super hammered (John Henry, get it, nevermind), because hey they are rich and probably have a drivers anyway, so "CHEERS! Bottoms Up!".  After they get nice and twisted they will probably bring up some of their players and the downfalls of their past season.  Guess who's name will come up...
Yup! You guessed it A-Rod aka A-Roid aka Pay-Rod... Then what do they do?  What any drunk owner would do, talk trade talk!  The Yankees owe the Red Sox one for the whole Babe Ruth thing anyway might as well ship Alex off to Boston, I'm sure he wouldn't be happy riding the pine all next season in New York.
Look at him he's happier already.  LOL! 
We know this would never happen, and I'm not a fan of either team so I could really care less what they do the only Sox I root for are White Sox, and I hate the Yankees.  Just having a little fun.
Plus its all about the Washington Nationals next season, the Nats will be in the playoffs again, but this time with Strausburg and they will be ready to rock-n-roll!