NFL Playoff Predictions and Week 17 Picks

Here's my playoff picture via http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine and picks for the week 17 winners.  I went all home teams accept the Buccaneers, I figured that the Falcons don't have anything to lose or gain with this game so they might slack off and put in some bench players.  The other games that didn't matter I just picked the home teams.  Some of the other games, the home teams need wins to have playoff hopes.  I'm sort of thinking that Detroit should just lose to get a better draft pick, but I don't think they will just let a divisional opponent beat them down at home.  They could still lose, but I don't see them just giving the win away.  I think Seattle is in, win or lose, but since they are playing at the same time as the 49ers, they will be playing for the win, just in case the 49ers slip up and lose the game to lose the division.  Also I'm going with the Skins over the Cowboys because they are at home and because they are coming in to this game red hot, so I think they will continue that trend against a mistake happy Dallas team.  The Skins just need to stop the run and let Romo help them win.  Three rookie QBs with 10+ wins gotta make other teams reevaluate what they have.  Head are going to roll in the off season.