Five Fantasy Football Teams, All Playoff Bound

Well as I meantioned earlier in the year I'm in 5 leagues, 3 of which have money involved.  This week is the 14th week of the NFL Season, which means real NFL teams are in the hunt for the playoff spots and Fantasy Football Playoffs are ready to begin.  One of my Free leagues only has a 1 week play-in, then a championship game week 17.  This is the league that I won the championship last year and got 2nd place the year before.  Right now I'm sitting comfortable in 3rd with an 8-5 record, 4th place is 7-6 and the rest of the league is at least 2 games behind with 2 game to go.  The kicker is, I'm the #1 scoring team in the league, so even if I lose 2, they can't catch me.  So we are playoff bound in the 1st team, Killa Kingz, mentioned in this blogpost (link).

As for the rest of the leagues that actually start the playoffs this week, 3 pay leagues and 1 free (which I'm the commish of), I made the playoffs in all 4.  Several add/drops, trades, injuries later my teams are still alive and kicking.  Only 1 was a sure fire for the playoffs, and we missed the division championship by losing the last game of the season by a few points after Eric Decker had his worst game ever.  The other 3 I needed things to happen in week 13, that happened and helped me move into a contending position. 

This week is all revenge games, the 4 teams that I play in the playoffs are all teams that I lost to previous in the season.  I finished 8-5, 7-6, 7-6, and 6-7, all of those are 14 team leagues accept the one I finished 6-7.

Here's the original post after the draft for each: