The Best Words is Now The Best of Both Worlds: Wordfeud Has Arrived for iOS

Finally it has arrived! WordFeud on iOS, so all my Android friends can delete Words with Friends and tell your iOS buddies to get the more superior game if they want to play a real mans version of Scabble.  As I said in my previous blogpost, Word(Feud) with Friends???, Words With Friends is cool, but the only benefit was cross-platform play, now there's nothing that makes this game worth having.  I don't know who half the people I'm playing against are on WWF because they don't have a profile picture, and shaking my phone like I'm about to roll dice at the craps table when I need to shuffle my letters while secretly playing words in a meeting just aint cool man...

The WordFeud developers site posted on April 5th that WordFeud had arrived to iOS, but I wonder why AndroidCentral, Boy Genius Report (BGR), or Engadget (the main tech sites that I check) didn't have anything mentioned, or did I miss it?  Someone on AndroidForums even meantioned that they didn't see a post about it.  All of those sites made a big deal about WWF becoming cross platform, but when it comes to WF which is a much better game they are all quiet.

Well Dear iOS Buddies, I am going to finish my 3 current games on WWF then delete it forever, come see me on WordFeud, you know the name, the name don't change!

Here's the post from the WordFeud Dev Site:

Wordfeud for iOS is here

by wordfeud on April 5th, 2011

After about four months of development, Wordfeud for iOS is finally out. A big thanks to everyone who helped with final beta testing.

It spent almost exactly one week waiting to be reviewed by the Apple people (which seems to be the norm these days). Thankfully, it was approved on the first attempt.