When the love for Bacon goes too far...

Man, I love bacon as much as the next man.  I even know people that gave up "pork" but can't leave bacon alone.  I'll take turkey bacon or pork bacon it doesn't matter to me.  Bacon on anything makes it better.  Well except for bacon on people...now that just going too far.

I'm not sure how I got to this blog but somehow I came across this site with a bunch people who chose to keep bacon with them forever. (link to original site)

All images above are from http://inkarttattoos.com/tattoo-blog/bacon-tattoos-are-good-for-me/

Bacon for Life!?!?  Why not just get some temporary bacon, like a bacon band aid?

This last image was just funny so I had to add it... But on that note I'm gone, getting hungry....