If Only I Still Had SNES & Genesis Games...

I saw the following article on Engadget this morning and though that it was a great gadget for any of us 80's babies.  I would have to say that the two systems that dominated the game industry for the longest time when I was a kid was Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Now they have a small device called the Retrode 2 that will allow you to play these games on your computer.  If you still have your games and maybe a controller you can plug them in to the device hook it up to the computer and enjoy some nostalgic fun via your computer monitor (which probably has a better picture than any TV you used back in the day).  Well  either way check out the other articles and product pages for yourself.  If you get one and you still have games, let me know...I'm tryin to play!

Check out Tech Crunch for more coverage on this simple but beautiful device.

You can purchase the Retrode 2 from Stone Age Gamer for $89: