Week 17 Picks & Final Playoff Placement

Ok here's my final picks for the regular season.

Lions over Packers - I think the Packers will end up resting some of their key players to avoid injuries, and the Lions want to go into the playoffs still hot.

49ers over Rams - Unless the Niners decide to rest players because they don't value the bye week, then I believe that they should win this game w/o any issues.

Dolphins over Jets - The Dolphins have been hot lately, I'm rolling with them. Not sure about Sanchez when the pressure is on, especially if the run game and defense aren't backing him up.

Vikings over Bears - Bears seems depleted, Vikings seems to have some steam behind them.

Patriots over Bills - Can't see them losing to the Bills twice in one season even if their starters don't play the whole game.

Panthers over Saints - this is a selfish pick, I just want to make sure the Niners get the #2 seed. Plus I like Super Cam as much as I like Brees.  I want him to finish his year off strong and this is an important divisional win to have under his belt.

Eagles over Redskins - I'm just really picking the home team, its nasty up in Philly, plus the Eagles have slowly been coming into their own lately.  So finishing the season with a couple wins to end at .500 would make sure Andy keeps his job. I say they are playing for him.

Jaguars over the Colts - The Jags are still playing to find their identity, the Colts should be playing for Andrew Luck, even if they end up trading the pick or something, that #1 pick holds a lot of weight.

Titans over Texans - The Texans playoff position is set, I'm sure they should be resting their stars for the playoffs.

Bengals over Ravens - The Ravens have been up in down, usually losing the game they should win, but winning the big games.  Not sure what category this one falls in for them, but its a big game for the Bengals and I think they will show up today.

Browns over Steelers - I'm picking this game because I picked against the Ravens above, but I still want them to win the division.  Plus I think the Steelers should be resting Ben and some other players instead of worrying about the bye.

Falcons over Buccs - The Buccs suck and the Falcons playoff positions isn't solidified so a win helps them somewhat.

Broncos over Chiefs - Tebow time, I guess... Orton is a better QB but the Broncs defense has been tough, I would actually like to see the Chiefs win, but I'm going to say based on the press behind this and the magnitude of this game that Buffalo Wild Wings will have the final decision in this game to help the Broncos get the win.

Raiders over the Chargers - the Raiders are still actually playing for a playoff spot so I think they will bring their best today at home to get that final playoff push.

Cardinals over Seahawks - who knows... I just picked the home team.  The Niners may have cooled the Seahawks down a lil last week so maybe they won't bring it like they have the past few weeks.

Giants over Cowboys - I'm picking the home team, the team that plays better later in the season, the team with the better clutch QB.  I think this game will be a shoot out, least turnovers and last to score wins, I'm going with the G-Men.  Although with my team in the playoffs I think I'd rather see the Cowboys win this one but I'm stick with the Giants as my pick.