Tebow Mania is Going Crazy!!!

The picture above was an email that the car salesman who sold my my El Dorado sent me on Friday, if I didn't actually read this I would not have even known this was about selling cars. Everyone is swept up in Tebow Mania. But after last nights performance I doubt Tebow will be coming out of the game anytime soon. No matter what happens in New England, he earned his starting position for next year. Not to mention he broke Elway's playoff debut performance record and a playoff NFL record for averaging 15 yards a completion. Only 3 QBs in the Superbowl era only 3 Quarterbacks have thrown for over 300 yards, run for a TD, and not throw an interception in a Playoff game they are Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers, and Tim Tebow. He's in great company. Not to mention he currently has the highest QBR in playoff history, passing Aaron Rodgers performance against Atlanta last year.  Oh yeah and a stat to fuel the fire for the media, last night he threw for 316 (3:16) yards...

The Steelers have been hurting since the Cleveland game at the beginning of December.  As a 49ers fan, I've said a few times that if Ben was healthy in that MNF game against us he would've completed a few of his big passes and threw less INTs and would've had a better chance to beat us.  Big Ben hasn't been the same and in the game last night there were a number of injuries. With that said, the Steelers have always been known for toughness and having defense that could make great stops no matter who was playing or hurt and they completely gave this game away with single coverage on the WRs in attempt to stop the rush.  Good game Tebow.  Next week should be tougher, not because of a defense, but because of an offense that has the ability to score on every play.  Next week in New England will fall more on the Bronco's defense than it will on Tebow's shoulders.