Why So Serious???

Lets start with Steve Johnson who last week had an excellent game and a great touchdown celebration against the Bengals directed at the self proclaimed Batman & Robin who have not been able save their city.  I picked Buffalo to win this game by the way...
Of course if you didn't see the Dark Knight you wouldn't understand why this was so great, but then again if you didn't see the Dark Knight you really don't understand greatness anyway.

But then this week the Bills played the Steelers and I predicted them to get handled by the AFC powerhouse team.  Nope, this one went to overtime.  The Bills had several chances to win, and Steve Johnson had several dropped passes, but none worse than that endzone drop in overtime with no one near him that would have made this a win for the ages.  But afterwards it seems as if Steve goes on twitter and blames God for his drops.  Good thing for him, he later came to his senses and cleaned the comment up a little bit, because I'm pretty sure the rest of his season would've gotten worse.

But enough about this dude lets talk about Derek Anderson! This sound bite has to get remixed by DJ Steve Porter into one of his songs or something.  Derek goes crazy on this reporter.  He was obviously laughing on the side, something had to be funny.  Even Gruden pointed this out during the game and expressed his disappoint in the fact that it didn't seem like he was taking it serious.  Regardless of what Anderson is still the starter, but I'm sure Arizona is playing for an early 1st round pick next year at this point.  They better hope the Panthers, Bills, and Bengals can win some games before the end of the season.

So Derek Anderson takes this serious? Rewind the video he doesn't look serious to me, lol.  The bad thing is he was a Pro Bowl QB not too long ago, lost his job, got a new job, lost it, got it back, and is still doing a piss poor job.  Other than Kurt Warner on the offense the Cardinals are missing only Boldin from last year, but were just a playoff caliber team and Superbowl contender.  Kurt was able to win games without Boldin.  I would've thought that any above average QB could step in and do at least half as good as Kurt Warner did last year.  I guess Derek nor Matt (or that other guy Max) are even a forth as good as Kurt Warner was.  He should come back, Favre is still playing, Warner seemed like he had a lot more in his tank than Favre does.

Why So Serious Derek? Your Career is OVER...