My Week 10 NFL Picks - Quick Run Down

Last week I only had 2 picks wrong and won $180 in a weekly football pool that I'm in, hopefully I can do it again this week, so I can start my Christmas shopping.

Thursday Night football has returned.  I enjoy this because it means that I'm not watching Greys Anatomy and Private Practice with the wifey, but I'm in the mancave with an ice cold beer watching what I enjoy most....FOOTBALL.

This week started with a great Bird Game, two QBs drafted the same year that could've played for either team and both have been playing quality football since coming into the NFL.  Ravens at Falcons.

I'm starting out bad because I did something that my SAT Prep teacher told me to do.  I made a pick then I turned around changed it at the last minute.  I originally picked the Falcons, but last minute I changed my pick to the Ravens, thinking that this was the first real defense that the Falcons would face this year.  It was a good game and could've gone either way but never the less, I picked the Ravens and I was wrong.

Roddy White is a monster...

Buffalo getting their first win over Detroit.  I think this will be a no defense, high scoring game, and very beneficial to fantasy owners.  But I think Buffalo has been a good team that hasn't been able to finish games, but they should be able to finish and win this one.

Minnesota over Chicago... Just because I figure Favre needs to turn it on at some point and the Bears have been on and off in my opinion.

Cleveland over the New York Jets.  Not sure why I picked this but that just how I feel.

Cincinnati over Indy.  I think I'm going to regret this pick but the Bengals need this win more than the Colts.

Tennessee over Miami.  If Moss likes this team like he says he does, he should have a big day, which means the Titans should win and Chris Johnson should have a good day too.

Tampa Bay over Carolina.  Carolina stinks. Tampa should have fun in this game.

Jacksonville over Houston.  Houston's pass defense stinks, Jacksonville might relive that Cowboys game, but Houston can score too, so it might be a high scoring affair.

Kansas City over Denver.  KC is a better team.  The Raiders might win the division even though it seems like it was KC's division to own, until last week.

New York Football Giants over Dallas.  The Giants should steamroll these dismal Cowboys team.  I don't see a new coach, who was already the offensive coordinator making the calls last week, making a difference this quick.

Seattle over Arizona. Both teams seem offensively lost to me. This could go either way, so I just picked one.

San Francisco over St. Louis.  This is a must win for the 49ers at home coming off of a bye week.  If they don't make any mistakes and the O-Line holds up like it did lask game against Denver then this will be an easy win.  This might be more of a true test for Troy Smith than the Broncos.

Pitt over New England.  Defense wins championships.  I think the Patriots will be fired up after that loss last week, but these are arguably the best two teams in the NFL right now, so it should be a good game.

Washington over Philly.  The Skins are at home, McNabb as been in the media the past two weeks since the benching.  I think he will go out there with something to prove.  If he makes mistakes early then I do believe the Eagles will capitalize.  But regardless I'm going for the Skins in this game.