My Week 11 NFL Picks - A VICKtorious Revenge...

A VICKtorious Revenge...

In week 4 the Redskins stopped Vick short of the endzone, and also put his season on pause just when most people thought he was returning to greatness.  A sandwich tackle to prevent a touchdown led to broken ribs, trouble eating, sleeping, sitting down, breathing and a host of other things.  Not to mention it lead to a divisional win for the Redskins in Philadelphia for a game that people were calling the McNabb homecoming game.  

As a 49ers fan I was happy about this, because honestly at 0-4 I was scared for my team to face Michael Vick (I can't call him Mike anymore this dude has show tremendous growth over the past 2 years) in the form that he had been in the previous weeks.  None the less we still lost to Kolb in a game that will be remembered for Alex Smiths mistakes, his attempted benching, his blatant unapproved of the benching, him returning to the field and kicking David Carr of the field to almost mount an amazing come back.  But in the long run too many mistakes & turnovers will lose you a game no matter how much heart you have.

But either way I'm sure this haunted Vick and fueled his eagerness to get back on the field and prove himself as he sat on the bench watching Kolb take over the team (not that there is any bad blood there).  This year is important for Michael, he's playing for next years contract whether its with the Eagles or with someone else, the better he does the more money he will get in the off-season, he can't prove himself from the bench with broken ribs.  His first game back he played a back and forth game with future Hall of Famer possible top 5 QB of all time Peyton Manning, and he won.  Then on Monday Night Football, a stage for the world to see, he faced the team that injured him in their home, after weeks of their team going through a Quarterback/Coach crisis that ended with a multi-million dollar deal for McNabb to "solidify" him as the starter.  Well it seem like Vick and the Eagles wanted to make other headlines in Washington.  The first play of the game was a close to 90 yard pass and catch for a TD from Vick to DeSean Jackson and that ignited a flurry of air and ground assaults that the rain in Landover, MD couldn't put out.  Vick scored 6 total TDs and had the best game of his career and embarrassed the Redskins, 59-28,  in what is probably the worst loss of recent years (the only other one I can think of is the 52-7 loss in New England back in 2007).

I'm happy to see Vick back in rare form, I wasn't happy about the win, I did pick the Redskins to win that game, but it was amazing to watch history live at the stadium from great seats on the 40 yard line.  On the radio earlier that day Redskin & Football great Sam Huff down played Michael Vick saying "he's ok, but he's nothing compared to *some old dude's name I don't remember* that guy was the fastest and best QB ever", I'm sure Sam is kicking himself for that comment.  Michael Vick can lead the Eagles to multiple Superbowls and possibly be mentioned in a top 5 QB ever conversation if he can continue to play at this rate for another 5-8 years.

My first pick this week will be Philly over New York Football Giants, the Giants usually look good for a half of a season, well they started of 6-2 (I believe), so that half appears to be over after that surprising loss to the Cowboys last week.  I'm going with Philly for that reason, I'm also going with them because I just can't pick against Vick at this point in the season.  Its like picking against Peyton or Brees last year, or Picking against Brady in 2007, I just can't do it!

TNF: Miami over Chicago - I like Thigpen as a versatile backup QB, I trust him more than Cutler, Grossman, or any other QB that has worn a Chicago jersey in recent years (maybe except Orton).  

Buffalo over Cincy - I picked Buffalo last week and I'm going with them again, Cincy continues to disappoint.  Buffalo is a team that has almost won too many games and have come close against way tougher opponents than Cincy.

Dallas over Detroit - Detroit hasn't won on the road in the last 2 seasons, I don't think they will do it here either.  The Cowboys look like a new team, like the team they were projected to be.

Washington over Tennessee - The Redskins are better than they looked on MNF last week.  They are able to score point a lot more this year.  I think they will give Vince Young a hard time and as long as they don't allow Chris Johnson to have a career game they can win this game in the 4th Quarter.

Kansas City over Arizona - Arizona stinks.  KC still seems legit, even after the Denver loss last week.  The AFC West can be won by any team in it at this point. (IMO)

Green Bay over Minnesota - Aaron Rodger will place ownership on Favre much like Favre did to him last year.  The Vikings are in complete disarray, their circus of a team has been a disappointment this year.

New York Jets over Houston - I don't believe in Houston.  I don't think the Jets will have a field day, but I think their defense will win the game for them at the end of the game.

Pittsburgh over Oakland - This is a logical pick.  Part of me feels like Oakland can do it and actually of the 1:00 games I'm most interested in this one.  It feels like an old school clash of the titans type of game.  Pitt on paper is a better team, but Oakland has started to do great things in the 2nd half of the season.

Baltimore over Carolina - I'm not explaining this pick...

Cleveland over Jacksonville - Cleveland is a tough team, I think they can pull out a win at home against the Jaguars.  It might be a close game, this one can go either way.

Atlanta over St. Louis - St. Louis has been good at home this year, but the Falcons have proven to be a top contender this year and I think they can give the Rams another loss.

New Orleans over Seattle - The Saints are the Saints.  Reggie Bush (no hydro) will be back on Sunday to add as another distraction or weapon or whatever he is, but he helps them win.  The Seahawks are just eh...

San Francisco over Tampa Bay - I think this will be a close game, looking at stats the teams a very similar, the only difference is that Tampa Bay has been able to pull out wins even though they made some mistakes. San Francisco lacked that ability, but as of recently they stopped making mistakes so they are able to win.  I think they will win this game on Sunday at home.  The team has confidence in their new Smith QB.

New England over Indy - This can go either way.  I'm giving Tom Brady the edge because he's at home.

San Diego over Denver - The is the Chargers time of year, I think they will score at will on the Broncos, but they will need their defense to show up so that this is a close game/shoot out to the very end.