My Week 9 NFL Picks (Week 8 Reviewed)

The Return of Vick...Again...

I was looking for a picture of Michael Vick and Peyton Manning together an thats what came up.  Its a funny picture, its even more funny to think how those running backs seemed like they were at their prime, where are they now?  But either way I'm going to say the Eagles vs the Colts on a short week for Indy and following a bye week for Philly will be the game of the week.  One QB known for his arm and coaching skills vs another QB know for his legs and his ability to get out of sticky situations.  I haven't looked fully into this but I'm told this is the only game this week where both teams actually have a record above 500.  People have said Peyton is having his best season start (statically) of his already great career, others have said Vick looks new and improved, he no longer seems one dimension, defenders have to fear his legs and his arms now.  

I'm picking the Philadelphia Eagles to win this game in over the Indianapolis Colts in a very high scoring affair. This was a pick I went back and forth about, but the Eagles will be more refreshed and the Colts had long game against the Texans on Monday.  The game is in Philly and I've been told that the Eagles have not lost a game coming off of bye during the entire Andy Reid era. Plus the Colts are banged up... Eh...its a toss up.

Side note these two have only met twice, one regular season game where the Colts beat the Falcons 38-7 in Indy at the beginning of Vicks return from his injury in 2003 and a 2005 Hall of Fame (preseason) game in Tokyo, that the Falcons won 27-21. But Matt Schaub was the hero in that game, Vick and Manning threw less than 8 passes.  So I guess people can call this their first "real" meeting.

Ok here's a quick version of the rest of my picks for this week.

Tampa over Atlanta - this should be an interesting game, but Tampa is hot and they are still trying to sell the dream of being the best in the NFC, I'm reaching into my pocket but I'm still not buying it.

Chicago over Buffalo - The Bills stink, I doubt they will get their first win against a team with a good defense.

New England over Cleveland - Cleveland stinks too, they won't put up points like they did against the Ravens or the Saints this week.  The Patriots have too much discipline to lose a game like this.

Minnesota over Arizona - this could go either way, the Vikings need a win bad, especially to solidify them getting rid over Randy Moss.  The Patriots have been wining with out him, I'm not sold on how much the Vikings will but they should be able to get this one.

Jets over Detroit - the Lions looked good last week and have put up good offense this year, but I'm really not sold on them winning games.

New Orleans over Carolina - The Saints are just a better team, even on their worst days. 

Baltimore over Miami - the Dolphins are a good team but they have had a tough schedule and this week it gets worse.  The Ravens are rested and they have reviewed where their defense has been making mistakes. The Ravens will win this one by about 10 points.

San Diego over Houston - Houston's defense sucks, Philip Rivers is going to have a field day.  This might be a high scoring back and forth game, but at the end of the day the Chargers will win.  Hey its their time of the year.

New York Football Giants over Seattle - The Seahawks made us believe they had talent, but they are falling apart, the Giants on the other hand have been getting better as the weeks go on, they should have an easy time ripping the feathers of these birds.

Oakland over Kansas City - 2 or 3 weeks ago I would've picked the Chiefs, but the Raiders have been going crazy lately.  They look like they could win their division like some predicted before the season.  The Chiefs have looked good too.  This will be a game that comes down to the last 2 minutes.  It won't be a blow out.

Green Bay over Dallas - Green Bay should get their "swagger" back on this game after not scoring any touchdowns in last weeks win over the Jets.  If the Jaguars dismantled the Cowboys, I'm afraid that the Packers might dress up as the Raiders and treat the Cowboys like Broncos...

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati on Monday Night Football - The Steelers are one of the top 3 teams in the NFL even after losing last week, but I really don't think they will lose 2 weeks in a row, especially not in prime time. 

Last Weeks Picks

Cincy over Miami - WRONG

Dallas over Jacksonville - WRONG, this was shocking to me, I thought the Jags were bad, I guess the Cowboys are worse

Washington over Detroit - WRONG - McNabb could've had a chance to win the game if they kept him in. Crazy Fact: "In the past two seasons, the Detroit Lions are 2-0 against the Washington Redskins and 2-19 against all other teams."

Kansas City over Buffalo - Was closer than I thought...

St. Louis over Carolina - Of course...

New York Jets over Green Bay - WRONG eh...what can I say, I doubt anyone would've predicted the score in this game.

San Francisco over Denver - Yeah Baby!

San Diego over Tennessee - Higher Scoring than I thought

Oakland over Seattle - PUNISHMENT!

New England over Minnesota - After losing like that Moss knew he didn't want to stay there. The Patriots are currently the best team in the league, without Randy Moss.  Oh and Favre is old and banged up...

Tampa Bay over Arizona - WOW this was a high scoring affair, and Arizona scored its first passing touchdown of the month on October 31st... The Cards could've won, but they aren't really built to win.

Pittsburgh over New Orleans - WRONG - but I'm glad to see the Saints acting like they just won the Superbowl

Indy over Houston - It wasn't gonna happen twice in one year under Peyton's watch...

With only 5 wrong it came down to points for the tie breaker in my money pool.  I almost won $160 last week but I picked the MNF game to be a bit more high scoring.