Thank You Nike Claims

Last September I purchased a 49ers Frank Gore Nike jersey from Fanatics.  All of my other jerseys are Reebok and last year was the first year of Nike taking over the NFL contract for jerseys.  I originally purchased a Game Day Aldon Smith jersey for $99.  I didn't like the quality of the Game Day jerseys, it felt like a T-Shirt with painted on numbers, so I returned it and ordered the Frank Gore Limited jersey for about $140.  The next level up is the Elite for $250.  When I received the Frank Gore Limited jersey the numbers seemed a bit wrinkled, but I ignored it and assumed that it was just due to packaging and they the wrinkles would fall out or could be ironed out.  I never ironed it and the wrinkled never fell out, but I did notice some black marks starting to show up.  Generally speaking I only wear my jerseys on game days and some Fridays to work.  I have a rotation of 4 jerseys so I can say that I probably wore this jersey all of 4 times last season.  I went to put i on this season and the black marks looked worse.  It looked like I got in a fight with a fine tip Sharpie but the jersey had just been sitting in my closet folded for the whole off season.  I took it to my Dry Cleaners, they cleaned it but said the dark spots were due to lint being under the numbers.  The link also caused the bubbling and wrinkles that I had noticed.  At this point I realized that the jersey was defective and there's no way I should be spending over $100 for something and it looks like this without me even wearing it more than 10 times. First step, twitter and I got great responses from Nike and Fanatics.

The Fanatics told me that the order was too old for them to do anything, as expected.  They did however give me a store credit for 20% of my original purchase to use in their store.  I also went to the Nike Claims website as suggested and shipped my jersey off to Nike on Tuesday.  On Thursday they sent me a message stating that they received my jersey and indeed it was defective.  Due to it being defective, Nike is sending me a Nike Product Voucher for the amount of the jersey so that I can purchase another one (or whatever else I may want from their store).

Thanks Fanatics, Nike, and twitter for helping me have an open dialog on the go with these companies.