Why the Kansas City Chiefs SHOULD Lose to the Washington Redskins this Weekend

At the end of last season I took a look at the saying that the Redskins beat (or play) the Super Bowl Champs in the recent Super Bowl match-ups.  See the link below for the break down.

With that said, the +Washington Redskins  have beaten the Raiders, Bears, Chargers.  For right now I can say that it is somewhat safe to say that none of those 3 teams will be playing in the Super Bowl this year. If the Super Bowl Champion came down to a team that they beat this year I would have to say that the Skins will win on Sunday against the +Kansas City Chiefs  and/or they will beat the +Dallas Cowboys and that team will go on to win.
As for teams that the Skins have played that are still definitely in the Post Season conversation you have to include the +Philadelphia Eagles, +Detroit Lions, +Denver Broncos, and +San Francisco 49ers.  I would have to say that the odds of this season's Super Bowl Champ being on the Redskins schedule are very high.
I've gone on record as saying that as long as they aren't playing my Niners and it doesn't effect the Niners, then I do root for the home teams to win, yes the Redskins and Ravens (in that order).  However, I have been secretly rooting for former 49ers QB Alex Smith to do good.  He's been average but his team has looked similar to the 2011 49ers team.  I will admit they have had an easy schedule so that plays a huge part in their success.  But an offense with minimal mistakes and a league leading defense that also scores helps as well.  At first I just wanted Alex to lead the Chiefs to 8 wins so that the 49ers would upgrade to a 2nd round pick for the trade.  Then after that I did want them to beat the Broncos at least once.  I predicted them to get a get a Playoff berth via the Wild Card, and I think they will still do so.  In this game on Sunday for money reasons I picked the Chiefs to win, but I think it would be in the Chiefs best interest if the Redskins showed the world that they are team we saw last year if the trend of Super Bowl Champs holds any weight in this years post season.  The Chiefs are favored by 3.5 on the road this week, I'd be willing to bet against them in Vegas.  If they win it will be by 3.