Steve Jobs: Remembered by a Non-Apple Brainwashed Techie...

First off let me start with this, I HATE CANCER. It’s a horrible disease and I wish there was a cure. Death is natural, but there is nothing natural about something manifesting itself in your body then taking over until it ultimately kills you. My Mom was born 4 years before Jobs and cancer took her away from here in 2004, one of my bestfriends would be 31 this year if it wasn't for cancer taking him in his mid 20's, not to mention the kids who suffer with Cancer every year, that’s the saddest thing ever, and as a parent it terrifies me. But I digress...

Steve Jobs was definitely a genius, a visionary, and a huge reason for a lot of the great things we have today. I'm not saying that he created all the great technology that we have come to love, but he pushed the envelope and forced creativity from others to make better products as well.

As a kid I owned a Mac Desktop, used it for basic gaming, learning activities, creating signs and banners, and I believe I typed school work on there too. That would be the last Apple Desktop that I owned, but far from the last that I would use. As Computer Graphics major Mac Desktops were my best friend in High School and College, the machines just handled the animation, 3D modeling, and Adobe/Macromedia application better than a Windows PC (Imagine that Adobe & Apple being a match made in Computer Graphic heaven). As an adult I've owned a few iPods including one that still had 4 buttons above the wheel. The iPod has been great for me, I own tons of music and I love being able to take it with me in the car on vacations and whatever else. Not to mention the interface on the iPod and on the Desktop (iTunes) is still the best interface for browsing through a large directory of music. Recently I have also become an iPad owner, as an Android user this might sound weird, but it gives me the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds, not to mention there are more apps currently available and made for the iPad than there are on other tablet devices. I'm sure at some point I will own an Android tablet, I'm just letting them catch up and improve some things like I know they will.

All of that is said to say that his technologies have had an impact on me, but even if I never owned any Apple products it would still have an impact on me.

Without Apple OS X, Windows Desktop Computers would still be running an OS that looked like Windows 98. Sure it would do its job, but it wouldn't look as good or have as many added user friendly functionality.

Without the iPod what would MP3 players look like? Would they look like a Sony MiniCD player or like the original Archos MP3 player?

Take away the iPhone, and what type of "Smartphones" are we using? A Blackberry with the sidescroll, a Treo, HTC Windows Phone?  Sure all of those things worked ok, but none of them compare to the plethra of options we have for smart phones.

Not to mention Tablets, they would still be the laptops that had the screen that you could flip around and write on, not the advanced devices that we have on the market today.
So with all that said, Thank You Steve Jobs, your life made a huge difference in the lives of many.