Week 3 NFL Picks - Rivalry Week

Ok, I'm just calling it rivalry week because it seems like there are a lot of great divisional matchups this week, and most of them are known rivals.  Great rivals, that date back to the beginning of the NFL.  I only picked 3 "underdogs" this week (San Francisco, Oakland, and Washington), but the difficult part with rivals they tend to play better when they play each other.  Its been many years that the Cowboys were playoff bound and the Skins were below .500, but somehow they would look flawless against the Cowboys.  So there really isn't a safe, or sure fire pick this week but here we go! 

New England over Buffalo - This one is tough because its in Buffalo and both teams are 2-0, but I think the Patriots will pull this one out but the margin of victory won't be as high as it was in Miami, but there should be about the same amount of scoring.

San Francisco over Cincy - 49ers took a tough loss last week to a team with a top tier QB, If they can get their secondary to step up and not give up the big plays to the rookie QB in Cincy this should be a nice victory. The only things working against them in my opinion is that this is a 10am PST game, so its 4 hours earlier than West Coast teams are used to playing so hopefully they have trained accordingly. The other thing working against them is that they are going up against 3 of their former players that are pretty familiar with the way the team operates.

Cleveland over Miami - I'm just going to give the Browns the edge on this game because they are at home, I don't think either team has shown anything to make me a believer.

Tennessee over Denver - The Titans are looking good with out CJ2K running at full steam, they way they took out the Ravens last week, if they play it the same the confused Bronco's team should be a walk in the park.

Detroit over Minnesota - McNabb, McNabb...he's going to need a lot to win this game, Detroit's team is working on all cylinders right now its going to take a team much better offensively and defensively than the current Vikings to slow them down.  The Lions haven't won in Minnesota since the 90's and haven't started 3-0 since probably the 70s or something, its a new era in Detroit.

New Orleans over Houston - NO is just a better all around team, and I don't think Houston has really been tested so far.  New Orleans for the win.

Philly over New York Giants - Philly needs this divisional win to prove themselves and the Giants are really banged up.  

Carolina over Jacksonville - Cam has looked great against fairly good teams, he should look marvelous against a very sub par team and get his first win as a NFL starter.

Oakland over New York Jets - this is my underdog pick.  Oakland played well last week against a team with a much better offense than the Jets, plus they are at home, I'm going with them.

Baltimore over St Louis - the Rams are banged up, and the Ravens need to bounce back after last weeks embarrassing loss.  

San Diego over Kansas City - KC Royally stinks... (see what I did there?). I don't really need to explain this one.

Green Bay over Chicago - The Bears are error prone and the Packers don't seem to have a Superbowl Hangover, maybe the lockout helped them out in that area.  The Packers win by 2 scores.

Arizona over Seattle - The Cards have looked decent, the Seahawks haven't, so I'm going with them.  Honestly as a Niners fan I'd rather see the Seahawks win to throw off the rankings in the division.

Tampa Bay over Atlanta - Only because this is in Tampa.  But this was a tough pick.

Pittsburgh over Indy - I'm not explaining this on either.  Unless Peyton Manning walks on the field the Colts aren't winning this one.

Washington over Dallas in Dallas - Whoa! that sounds like a reach.  Dallas is banged up, Romo will be playing cautiously which will lead to mistakes.  They usually split their match ups during the season, so I'm giving this one to the Skins for them to start 3-0 for the first time since probably the last time they were in the playoffs or Superbowl.  The Skins have an advantage here, as long as they protect Grossman or get the ball out of his hands quickly.  The Cowboy's pass rushers are serious.