Fantasy Football 2011

A quick run down of my Fantasy Teams. Last year I had a post for each team, this year instead of 3 I've taken on the manager role for 4 teams.  I already feel like it will be a bit much, its the same 3 leagues as last year plus another Money league that is a spinoff of the Money league I've been in for 7 years now.  Last year I won the championship in my money league (ECB CBS), went to the playoffs in the league that I'm the commish for (Beltway Brawls), and lost in the championship game in my homeboy's league (+SideOfFantasy, formerly known as Tweet My Fantasy).

Overall my picks this year are decent but I don't feel overly excited about them, I'm hoping I have some sleepers and teams can put up points across the board.  I have the Steelers DST and David Akers on all of my teams.  I think I have some similar bench players for now as well.  Other than that the teams are very different.  Check the screen shots below.

NFL.com Fantasy League - PlusSideOfFantasy (formerly TweetMyFantasy)
My homeboy Wayne/Rogers league.
This draft was early, I've made changes since then, this is as of yesterday.
I think I'm pretty well balanced in the league.

Beltway Brawls (Yahoo)
This is the league that I am the Commish for, we had a live draft this year.
Governing the draft and making my own picks is a lot for one person to do.
I picked up too many 49ers by accident. I'm not sure about my WRs, this is a PPC League.

ECB Yahoo!
The Spin-Off from my Money league. Different Managers, same Commish.
My internet went out during the draft, I had to tether my EVO with 2 bars of 3G to do this one.
The computer did some picks, the others I set up in the queue and let it ride.  I can work with this, plus some other teams look suspect and they were online drafting the whole time. 

East Coast Blitzers (ECB on CBS)
This is the original and my favorite league just based off of interactions and my two championships.
I had the 3rd pick, I'm kicking myself for passing on Rodgers since he helped me to a championship last year, but I feel that I have a nice balance to my team.  If you look at the numbers Josh Freeman was in the top 6 or 7 in QB Fantasy Points last year, hopefully he improves or I can find a sleeper backup at some point.  My RBs looks to be top of their class, WRs can go either way, TE, K, and DST are reliable.  Time to get my 3rd Championship.

So what do ya'll think? Which team is the best built to win as of now?