The NFL is BACK! 49ers, Redskins, Ravens Predictions

Its that time of year that I love, I'm a summer baby but I've fallen in love with the Fall.  NFL is back, MLB is working towards a World Series, NBA & NHL is getting ready to start back up...Its just a great time of year.  But this post and 80% of what I talk about during this time of year is the NFL, so lets get into it.

Preseason means something different to every team, but in the long run it means absolutely nothing.  If you are an established team you get to get your rookies and some others some play time to evaluate if they would be good backups.  But win or lose, you already know who your team is for the most part.  If you are a team with positional controversy then you get a chance to try out all possible options for that position, the only problem is that they don't get to go against other teams playing at full speed so in the long run you won't get a true judge of how the player will play in the regular season.  Winning your games when your 1st team is playing another teams 2nd team means absolutely nothing in the regular season. Last year the 49ers went 4-0 in the preseason and started the season 0-5. So lets get to the things at hand, season predictions...

The four teams in the AFC that I think will have a strong run at the Superbowl are Chargers, Patriots, Texans, and Ravens.  The Jets, Steelers, and Raiders will be part of the playoff conversation down the line too.
The four teams I'm picking to win the NFC divisions are the Eagles, Rams, Packers, and Falcons. Wild Card spots will go to another NFC East team (which ever of the other three wins the most NFC West games) and to the Saints.

  1. PIT - Loss.  It could go either way but I just have a feeling that both Steelers games will be the hardest games for the Ravens this year.
  2. @TEN - Win.
  3. @STL - Win.
  4. NYJ - Win. The better QB will win the battle here, otherwise the teams are pretty evenly matched up.
  5. HOU - Win.
  6. @JAC - Win.
  7. ARI - Win.
  8. @PIT - Loss.
  9. @SEA - Win.
  10. CIN - Win.
  11. SF - Loss. I'm a 49ers fan, so I'm hoping the HarBowl works out best for the rookie coach and that the Ravens are so high from all their other wins that they don't prepare properly for this game.
  12. @CLE - Loss
  13. IND - Loss. Manning will be back and working hard to get his team in the Playoff races by then.
  14. @SD - Loss.
  15. CLE - Win.
  16. @CIN - Win. 
Finishing the season 10-6 and winning their division.  At best 12-4 winning against SF and @CLE
  1. NYG - Loss. Its 9-11. Thats my only explaination for this, plus the Giants have had the Skins number the past few years.
  2. ARI - Win. A Triumphant win to make up for the previous loss.
  3. @DAL - Win. The Cowboys won't really get going full steam until week 6 or so.
  4. @STL - Loss. I'm on the fence about this one, I'm just giving STL home field advantage with this pick.
  5. PHI - Loss.  I'm saying that the Skins will lose both Philly games unless Vick is injured.
  6. @CAR - Win.
  7. @BUF - Win.
  8. SF - Loss. I told you the deal above. I'm a 49ers fan and I believe that our team isn't much differnt from the Redskins and that we can win this game.
  9. @MIA - Win.
  10. DAL - Win.
  11. @SEA - Win.
  12. NYJ - Loss.  The Skins have a possibility to shock the Jets in DC depending on QB play.
  13. NE - Loss.
  14. @NYG - Loss.  Could go either way.
  15. MIN - Loss. If McNabb is still starting at this point.
  16. @PHI - Loss.
Finishing the season 7-9.  At best 9-7 if they win @NYG and against MIN.  Not sure were they will be in their division but I'm predicting a 10-11 win year for the Eagles. Not sure about the Giants or the Cowboys, so the Skins could surprise some people.

The San Francisco 49ers (Read these as written by a fan)
  1. SEA - Win. Seahawks are still trying to figure it out, and we will take advantage
  2. DAL - Win. Like I said above, the Cowboys just won't have it together at this point in the season.
  3. @CIN - Win. I don't expect much from Cincy this early in the season either.
  4. @PHI - Loss. Back down to reality.
  5. TB - Win. Revenge for last year when they destroyed us in our house, but under different management.
  6. @DET - Win. Depending on the Lions QB health and their Defense at this point, but I'm not expecting them to be 100%
  7. CLE - Win. The 49ers can stop the run, CLE won't really have much else.
  8. @WAS - Win. If Gore is healthy this will be Gore vs. Hightower...we already know how that story ends.
  9. NYG - Loss.
  10. ARI - Win.
  11. @BAL - Win. I explained this above as well.
  12. STL - Win.  I think we will split games with the Rams, so either we win this one or win the last one.
  13. @ARI - Win. Ownership.
  14. PIT - Loss. The better QB wins in any defensive battle.
  15. @SEA - Loss.  The Seahawks should be more comfortable as a team by this point. Special teams will win the game for them.
  16. @STL - Loss - I said we would split games, so here you go.
I'm not even going to tally these up, because its so unrealistic that I would probably be worth A Million Dollars in Vegas.  But it adds up to 10-6, so give none maybe take 3...and they end up 7-9 and 2nd in the division behind the Rams.

49ers (Logically Thinking, so not as a fan)
  1. SEA - Win.
  2. DAL - Win.
  3. @CIN - Win.
  4. @PHI - Loss.
  5. TB - Loss.
  6. @DET - Loss.
  7. CLE - Loss.
  8. @WAS - Win.
  9. NYG - Loss.
  10. ARI - Win.
  11. @BAL - Loss.
  12. STL - Win.
  13. @ARI - Loss.
  14. PIT - Loss.
  15. @SEA - Loss.
  16. @STL - Loss.
I didn't put any explainations beside these because the ones that didn't change are the same as what I said above, the others were thought to logically end up as losses and the season ends at 6-10 which is the same as last year.  If anything gives it would be one of the divisional games putting us at 7-9 and still 2nd in the divison behind the Rams. 

Thats all I got.  Lets get this season started already!