Fantasy Football...1 Draft Down, 2 To Go...

Well I usually do a 3 teams maximum every year, which usually the 3rd one is just a random one with random people on yahoo that I do so that I can kind of get the feel for the draft.  But this year my homeboy Wayne aka Roger aka @PsiManSayz created a league using NFL.com (my 1st time using them) called TweetMyFantasy and a bunch of people from twitter are in the league so the trash talk will probably spill over to tweets all week.

We had our draft for this league earlier this week and I am very content with my team, even though the draft started at 1:00pm and I was in a deep sleep, mid-day, nap until 1:15.  The only place I feel that I'm lacking is the WR position.

Check out my team.

My next draft is this Sunday for my yahoo league the Beltway Brawls, this is our 5th year and I'm the commissioner.  Then a few days before the NFL season we will have the East Coast Blitzers Live draft at an undisclosed location for the 7th season of my money league.  This will be my 6th season with them.  My friend Ian won 4 straight championships, then I won the championship in season 5, last year the biggest trash talker in the league took home the crown.  I'll post my teams for those leagues after the drafts.