Blackberry App World 2.0

I'll let you know how it goes...

I'm upgrading now, I'll add to the post some screen shots if anything seems better or more fluid about it.  Look at the version differences...from to! Thats a huge upgrade (supposedly).

If you want to upgrade as well, click here to join the Blackberry Beta Program

You can get the newest versions of App World, BBM, AIM, Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and not mention an app called Feedback which allows you to tell RIM what you think about any and everything on your Blackberry directly from that particular app (even if it's a 3rd Party application).

Ok I got a few screen shots and a bit of info for you, post install.  The looks is slightly different. The screenshots and images for the applications seem to load faster and everything has a side scroll to it to give it the "new age" smart phone feel, you know like a iPhone or Android, not the old school side scroll that gave people sore thumbs on the fat Blackberry's.  We'll here's some screenshots and comments where needed. 

The buttons changed a little bit..

I think this remained the same, but then again I never opened up Categories before.

When you Click on the Trophy from the main screen this is what you get, and you can scroll sideways to get to the other categories of the Top 25.

This section had a good feel to it, I think this is where the update is most noticeable.  Honestly if I'm looking for an app, I look for the Top Downloaded and Top Rated apps anyway, unless I know a specific app I'm looking for based off of a review I read somewhere.  I like how they added a "Recently Updated" section.

This screen seems the same, I didn't try an actual Search though.

Now this part I like.  You now sign into you App World and it creates an account that can save your PayPal info and it keeps track of the Apps that you have downloaded to your phone.  All the apps that I had from before showed up in my list with out a problem.  The other times that I've done updates to AppWorld it wiped out my list of applications and I would have to redownload them from AppWorld if I wanted a notification about upgrades for the app.  So this is a great convenience improvement from AppWorld v.1.

Guess what else!? It immediately told me I had an update to my BBM too! Oh boy!