Kudos Shawn Corey! [Video]

As a father I completely agree with what Jay-Z is saying here.  The only problem is I'm not a billionaire so I don't have the liberty of staying home and enjoying those moments with my child.  So for me its the opposite, its grind time.  His statements were very resepectable, I hope he takes all the time he needs to enjoy those moments before he goes back into grind mode.  I'm sure the older you are as a  first time parent (this is not a shot at Jay) the more you appreciate and the more you can give to that child.  If he's dealt with a still born and a miscarrage in his past then I'm sure he appreciates this miracle baby that much more.  Hats off to Poppa Carter!  So where is Beyonce in all of this? O here she is -> http://beyonce101.tumblr.com/

“I thought that I would after my daughter was born. I thought I would be more inspired with all the new feelings and everything that I’d have to write about, but it really happened the other way. I just really wanna hang out with her. I just wanna enjoy those moments for a bit and I’m sure that feeling of music will come back to me.”

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