Old School Love Song that Goes Wrong...

When this song comes on it has a great feel, the beat takes you away to an island or somewhere relaxing.  The title of the song just screams about being in love.  Seems like a song you should play on your wedding day or something, right.  Wrong... Ok I can get past the singers loud moments of scream singing that remind me of Biggie's Player Hater song, but at about 1:30 this song just goes wrong for the first time of many times.  Its hilarious to me, dude is keeping it real.  I just think he could've used some other words instead of saying.

"I have never met someone like you, so unpretentious and so kind, All I want to do is be with your baby, and DO IT to you all the time"

LOL, make love, hold you, something a lil less bold would've kept the song loving and chill.  But I guess to each his own.  For me I cracked up everytime he told her just wants to be with her and DO IT to her all the time.

The song is still a nice song, but because of word choice his intentions are less subtle than R.Kelly's 12 Play.

Here's another Four Tops Song for your entrainment and amusement.  This joint had good intentions too, but its no way I'm going to be excited about a chick name Catfish, no matter what you try to tell me. LOL

"Catfish, makes my, nature rise"