Wine Spotlight (February 2011)

I had a couple wines that I purchased from BWI Liquors in Hanover, MD that I figured I'd share with ya'll.  Both are sweet wines, probably enjoyed best with chicken, fish or seafood, not really made for a steak or a red/meat sauce pasta.  But I'm not wine connoisseur so ask the owner of the liquor store before you buy it or read the back of the bottle it might tell you a lil better than I can.

The first picture, the Cantamessa is a sweet red wine.  It was a little bubbly but very sweet.  Comparable to Jam Jar but had a better taste.

The bottle in the picture on the right made by the Four Cousins is a Natural Sweet White wine that was very good.  It tasted like a dessert.  This was my second time enjoying this wine. It has a great price on it but doesn't taste cheap at all.

I'm actually going to get a couple bottles, including both of the wines below, this evening.  My wine rack is completely empty.  Well it only holds 6 bottles at a time so as soon as its full it ends up empty after a few good meals.  Enjoy!